Dance production 'Waltzed Around the World'

Dept. of Dance students pose for a promotional photo
Dance students pose for a promotional photo

On November 15, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in the Albig Studio Theatre (B112) of Peters Hall at Radford University, the Radford University Department of Dance presented “A Waltz Around the World: A Celebration of Cultures." Admission was free and open to the public. The evening’s performance journeyed across the globe to explore the diverse dancing cultures of our world. Traditional folk dances from Turkey, Russia, India, Cuba, and the Appalachian region of the United States were presented.

The folk dance from Turkey transported the audience to a land of mystique and wonder. Traditional Turkish folk dances are performed during cultural ceremonies and rituals, as well as for entertainment. Through dignified, precise, and traditional Turkish dancing, the vibrant rhythms of this country’s musical and dancing splendor were revealed.

The Russian folk dance presented was the spirited Kalinka, known for highlighting jumping and kicking. “The Kalinka,” defined as “snowball berry,” is from Ivan Larionov’s 19th century composition of the presented piece.

From India, the Kalbelia dance of Rajasthan was performed. This skillfully and dynamically performed dance is titled after the tribe of the same name, Kalbelia. Inspired by the practice of trading snake venom, this dance is of a more sensuous nature. As a notable and treasured occurrence, the Kalbelia signifies jubilant events.

The folk dance from Cuba combined the mambo and a traditional peasant dance. The mambo was started by a man named Cachao during the 1930s. The traditional peasant dance was formed after the joining of Afro-Cuban culture and Spanish music.

Hailing from the nearby mountains of Appalachia and set to lively fiddle music, the Appalachian folk dance from the United States included set dancing, step dancing, partnering, and flat footing, which is clogging in a less structured form.

This show was also performed as a community outreach event at the Intergenerational Program at Virginia Tech on November 8, 2018 to support sharing “a celebration of cultures” with a local and diverse community.

Nov 16, 2018
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