Record attendance for student art show

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On February 28, the Tyler Art Museum opened its doors for a total of two hundred guests attending the 2024 Juried Student Art Show, a number believed to be a record for this event.

The Juried Student Art Show is an annual exhibition with cash prizes, certificates and other honors bestowed upon graduate and undergraduates in appreciation of their work.

More than 70 paintings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media works were accepted for the show from 55 artists. A total of $2000 was awarded to 16 artists, including two purchase awards which acquire the winning art for Radford University’s permanent collection. Two other paintings were purchased by visitors to the exhibit.

The event’s juror was Ben Duke, an art professor from Michigan State. Duke recently concluded his own show entitled “A Situation of Meanings” at Radford in the Covington Gallery and gladly accepted the opportunity to judge the student show.

Duke was unable to attend the show, but he provided thoughtful encouragement and commentary in a statement read on his behalf by Brent Webb, Assistant Professor of Drawing at Radford University.

Duke said he was immediately impressed with how accomplished the work is and explained his process and experience of acting as the juror.

Nite Street 3-SM
Chris Bradbury's "Nite Street #3," the Art Museum Purchase winner.

“As a juror, I am reminded of the value of pausing to truly observe. The diverse array of materials and techniques reveal the range of rich individual narratives, a variety of clearly dedicated and hardworking students.”

“I seek as a juror to appreciate the complexity of the art and the myriad ways in which it can convey messages, evoke emotions, and reflect on the human experience.”

Regarding the awards, Duke said, “Each of the pieces recognized tonight with an award somehow touched me and made me take pause. It could be a masterful use of formal elements, or perhaps a piece that shows me something I thought I knew, but it shows it to me in a new and exciting way.”

“The how’s might all be different, but the end results are the same. These works made an impact on me in some way—either emotional, formal or more likely, some complicated combination of the two.”

Barnett Megan Le
The Andrew W. Ross Purchase Award winner by Shiheem Barnett entitled "Megan Le."

The two purchase awards received additional commentary from Duke.

Chris Bradbury’s painting “Nite Street #3” was selected for the Art Museum Purchase Award. Duke praised it at length.

“The careful balance of realism and abstraction invites contemplation and evokes a feeling of nostalgia,” Duke wrote.

“The artist has not only depicted a scene but has also imbued it with emotion and a palpable sense of place, securing its value as a noteworthy addition to any art collection.”

“Megan Le,” the photograph selected for the Andrew W. Ross Purchase Award was created by Shiheem Barnett.

Duke said “the work seamlessly blends the intimacy of personal space with the outward expression of self through art, fashion, and social media.”

“This piece resonates as both contemporary and internet savvy, a piece that explores our often too complicated relationship between how we view ourselves, and how others view us.”

In his final remarks, Duke reminded everyone that the awards were not the point of the exhibition and student artists should continue to create and bring their work to the public.

“Always remember,” Duke said, “your work is appreciated, your work is valuable and your artwork is needed.”


Winners List

Ris Hush
Zoe Ris's "Hush" earned an Award of Distinction.


Andrew W. Ross Purchase award $300: Shiheem BarnettMegan Le

Art Museum Purchase $300: Chris BradburyNite Street #3

Graduate Award of Excellence $200: Zach Blevins-GoadMother

Undergraduate Award of Excellence $200: Mark Crittenden, In Circulation 

Graduate Award of Distinction $100: Logan SingoWhat Did You Get, Sweetheart?

Graduate Award of Distinction $100: Ashleigh HillenImpulses

Undergraduate Award of Distinction $100: Sam DentSolace in Seasoning

Award of Distinction $100: Zoe Ris, Hush

Award of Merit $75: Jett BingleyPurple Hendrix

Award of Merit $75: Mariah NolenUntitled

Award of Merit $75: Harley ReynoldsTwist, Part of Formality Series

Award of Merit $75: Luc Biscan-WhitePhytolacca 1

Award of Merit $75: Grace KiankaLucy

Award of Merit $75: Mary BurnetteHome Away From Home

Award of Merit $75: Hannah OdumRain on Lots Gap

Award of Merit $75: Dylan DeLucaMeasuring Contest



Mar 1, 2024
Sean Kotz