Photography Club Forming Now

Photography Club at Radford University

On October 2, at noon in the Porterfield Art lobby, a meeting will be held for all students who are interested in joining the newly-formed Photography Club at Radford University.

Leah Gose, the head of the photography department here at Radford University, moved to Virginia for the job position. After getting settled and and taking in the program for a year, Gose began to brainstorm several ideas for improving the department, such as adding new classes and a photography club.

“I had heard that there used to be one and that it never went really far,” Gose said. “I think that it would be a good way for photo students and other Radford students to be able to do stuff in the community.”

Gose has several ideas for the club to help benefit the community, such as children’s portraits on Halloween and other portrait work during Highlander Days and festivals. 

“We have sort of been brainstorming different things that we may do as a club, doing fundraisers, and field trips to see exhibitions,” Gose said. “There is a photography conference I go to every year and I like taking students to that.”

Even though Gose hopes to have the club help out the community, the basis for the program still falls back on a love and passion for photography.

“I think the main goal is to foster a love of photography and art,” Gose said.

The creation of the photography club will be a work of collaboration; Gose will be using graduate students to help get the ball rolling, but the club offers hands-on experience for them as well.

“Right now, I’ll be the faculty advisor, but I have my grad students doing the grunt work of getting it up and running,” Gose said. “In my teaching style I try to add as much professional practice at any level. So this is good for my grad students because it gives them good practice. For undergrad too, having leadership opportunities and having experiences with people they may necessarily be in contact with.”

There are no requirements for joining the photography club; Gose simply requests that students have an enthusiasm for photography. Students who are unable to attend the first meeting due to class or other engagements should email Leah Gose at  

Oct 2, 2012
College of Visual & Performing Arts