Spotlight on the School of Dance and Theatre trip to New York

The School of Dance and Theatre in New York City. Photo courtesy of Molly Hood.

What do you get when you cross New York City, 14 Radford University School of Dance and Theatre students, two faculty members, the Today Show and Disney Workshops? As dance and theatre majors discovered in May 2017, you get an incredible learning experience.

For a second summer, the school traveled to New York to give students a unique opportunity to explore professional dance and theatre. Events included classes with dance companies and actors, theatre tours, book signings, comedy improv, theatre performances, and the Disney Musical Theatre Workshop: Spotlight on Dance.

“Before this trip, I have only ever been to New York City once for a day trip,” wrote a dance student in the Department of Dance’s Tumblr account, “I am going into this week with an open mind and I am full of excitement.”

She also noted this was the first time she had traveled by train.

Molly Hood, an assistant professor of theatre who led the trip with past dance chair danah bella, listed the shows they attended. These included Upright Citizens Brigade (Comedy Improv), “Sleep No More” (immersive theatre experienced based on the story of Macbeth), “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, “The Whirligig” by Hamish Linklater, “Happy Days” by Samuel Beckett, and “The Lion King” (directed and designed by Julie Taymor).

“My hope was that students would be exposed to a broad range of theatrical experiences,” Hood said. “We sought out variety in performances and training opportunities, in addition to visiting museums, taking tours, and working one-on-one with industry professionals. I think each student left the trip with a unique experience, and a greater appreciation for the breadth and connectivity of artistic professions and endeavors.”

And then there was the exhilaration of being on camera during the May 17 airing of the Today Show. Though the morning started early for the dancers, they found a prime outside spot in the audience.

“This was such an awesome experience to meet Hoda and Al and jump for the camera,” read their Tumblr account of the morning, “Although waking up super early was not easy it was totally worth it to be on the Today Show! I bet our families were excited as well to see us jumping and waving to the camera this morning.”

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Jul 27, 2017
Leslie King