The things that inspire continued

What inspires the Art Adjunct Faculty

Ryan Fletcher (painting): All of my paintings are abstract representations of my daily emotional state as well as a documentation of the important events that I have experienced in my life. The painting I have chosen to display is titled "Unchained" and is a representation of my recent ability to overcome numerous obstacles I have been experiencing both personally and professionally. “Unchained” has to me become a painting of celebration that marks a turning point within my life.

Chris Lively (ceramics): As an artist, I want my work to be fluid and unpredictable. To put it simply, the art is in the unexpected. The special ways the glazes react or change, the way a slip might fall, or the beauty in an unexpected drip are all a mystery to me. I create my surfaces to act in combination with my glazes for spectacular, unexpected results. When applying glaze I use many layers, which react with one another to create those unpredictable results that truly make my pottery a work of art.

Bill Ratcliffe (photography): One thing that teaching provides me with is large projection screens. I chose to use them to recreate images in silver that I had only known as digital files.

Knic Ulmstead (painting): One of the greatest presents (and perils) of space and time is the gift of motion, of change. This is a unifying vein that runs through this varied selection of my work, in which optical motion, recorded motion, the notion of motion all play a role. Moving light careens from space, at the speed it does, bouncing off of the sluggish forms circling and cycling, on this ancient carousel. It is a limitless light, never stopping, never ending. Light is the secret agent; revealing, then changing, lending the flat and silent a host of names. Names unavailable in the nothing; the simultaneous annihilation of space and form, the collapse of the unified field, the boundless edgeless, pointless void. Fragile creations, desperate forms, fighting an inevitable entropy.

Shaun Whiteside (painting):

This work is part of a series inspired by a similar series Robert Motherwell began creating after the fall of the Spanish Republic and the rise of fascist dictator Francisco Franco. I suppose I am contemplating the same questions he was, and the same questions I hope my viewers ask themselves, such as: what does it mean to be a Republic? If we think back on the Roman and Spanish Republics, should we assume that ours is eternal? Could it be, in fact, that the biggest threats come from within our country, and not from foreign invasion? Is it even possible that the system our founders sought to establish has already quietly slipped away?

Cheng Fen Yeh (water color):

I like capturing lighting effects, skin tones and strong impressions of faces, as well as focusing on a likeness and making my works lively with watermarks.

Other participating adjunct instructors include: Jan Downs and Parker Stafford. The Adjunct Art Show runs through Feb. 19.