Announcing the theatre casts for Fall 2016

The Porterfield Ensemble rehearses for “Poe – Dark Genius, Troubled Life”

“The Diary of Anne Frank”

by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman
Directed by Robyn Berg

Anne Frank – Lexi Cohen
Otto Frank – Ben Sherman
Edith Frank – Eileen Yost
Margot Frank – Robin McGrath
Mr. van Daan – Jordan Wommack
Mrs. van Daan –Elizabeth Brancati
Peter van Daan – David Ratliff
Mr. Dussel – Brandon Duncan
Miep Gies – Sarah Coleman
Mr. Kraler – Kevin Sutphin
First Man (Nazi Officer, Barrack Head voiceover, Rauter voiceover)
Second Man (Dutch Collaborator, Bolkestein voiceover) – Shawn Carver
Third Man (Dutch Collaborator, BBC broadcast voiceovers) – Daniel McNulty

“Poe – Dark Genius, Troubled Life”

Written and directed by Wesley Young and performed by the Porterfield Ensemble

Drew Callahan – Edgar Allen Poe
Rebecca Redifer – Jane Stanard, Maria Clemm, Mrs. Royster, Southern Belle
Rebecca Haas – Elmyra Royster, Frances Allen, Woman #2
Chris Phillips – Stagehand, Robert Stanard, Mr. Royster, Alexander Shelton, Miles George
Megan Ward – Virginia, Lady in the Oval Portrait, Eliza Poe, Old Tish, Southern Belle
Mac McMullen – John Allen, Arthur Smith, Preacher
Clay Miller – Costume Designer
Danielle Hankerson – Stage manager

“Dancing on Checkers’ Grave”

by Eric Lane
Directed by Stephen Baltz

Lisa – Rebecca Redifer
Dina – Aaliyah-Janay Williams

“Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells”

by Allison Gregory
Directed by Molly Hood

Junie B. Jones – Madeline Murchie-Beyma
May – Rebecca Grace Haas
Lucille – Megan Ward
Elf Ellen – Maddy Von Fossen
Mr. Scary – Shawn Carver
Herb – John Boelsche
Jose – Alex Espinosa
Sheldon – Jeremiah Smith
Mr. Toot – Christopher Phillips
Phillip Johnny Bob – Mac McMullen

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Sep 15, 2016