Students plan the upcoming Bonnie-roo

The planning committee: back row – Eric Garner, Allie Hill, Mae LeRoy, Missy Caton and Alyssa Klinksick; front row: Jamee Jordan, Kasen Donald, Fiona O'Brian and Kensey Plotz.

by Melissa Caton

Bonnie-roo is an annual free concert event hosted by the Music Business Student Association and GrammyU for the past six years. It returns April 16 at the Boonie Plaza.

Three bands are on the schedule starting at 2 p.m. The bands are Mad Iguanas, Caulfield, and singer/songwriter Candace Saunders.

This entire festival is organized, marketed, designed and executed by the students of the Music Business Department. Students receive no class credit, only an invaluable learning experience while creating an amazing event on campus.

In previous years the festival went by the name "Concert on the Lawn," held on Heth Lawn. Last year, 2015, the organization chose to rebrand the event "Bonnie-roo" in honor of the world famous music festival, “Bonnaroo,” which takes place every summer in Tennessee.

They decided to move the event to the Bonnie Plaza in order to increase student involvement and attendance.

The purposes of Music Business Student Association and GrammyU are to provide and help students learn more about the music industry; including recording, mastering, producing, and distributing music as well as hosting live performances. This is an amazing and exciting experience for the students at Radford.

They hope to a have higher attendance than ever before.

“By engaging the campus community with great music and this fantastic festival experience, we will hopefully increase the notoriety of ‘Bonnie-roo’ and can continue to provide an amazing learning opportunity for the students of the Music Business Department, as well as an amazing event for the campus community,” said Melissa Caton, secretary of the Music Business Student Association.

Apr 7, 2016