CVPA Admins Garner University Awards

emily hall and katie davis-72-500
Emily Hall (left) earned the Keep'n It Green Award in 2022. Katie Davis (right) took home the Presidential Service Award.

Two important awards went to staff members of the College of Visual and Performing Arts this year.

Katie Davis, the Administrative Assistant for the Music Department took home the Presidential Service Award for 2022. Emily Hall, the Administrative Assistant for Dance, earned the Keep’n it Green Award.

“I feel honored,” said Davis. “It is nice to know that people appreciate the work you do.”

The Presidential Service Award is a significant accolade with demanding criteria. The nomination form asks submitters to clarify how the employee brings positive attention to the university, uses creative problem solving, and how their work has enhanced the work of others.

The award rarely goes to an administrative assistant and Davis is pleased and honored to represent admins across the university.

“A lot of things that happen on campus can’t be done without the admins,” she said, “and things you don’t think about get taken care of in the background.”

“Employees do more when they feel appreciated and their voice is heard,” she added, “and that’s how I feel in my department.”

Davis has been the administrative assistant for the Department of Music for seven years. In addition, she also serves as the admin for Residential Governor’s School.

Davis had no idea she was nominated for the award and was stunned and honored to receive it. But the best part, she said, was getting to read what others had to say about her work.

Dr. Wayne Gallops, the current Chair of Music and Director of the Governor’s School program, nominated Davis.

“Katie serves us with great organizational skill, a sharp intellect, a constant desire to learn, and a most amiable, collegial approach,” Gallops said.

 “She has been an anchor for our students and faculty as we moved through a mid-year transfer of our department chair, all while working to bring our department operations back after two-years of pandemic disruptions.”

Emily Hall has been in her position for just over a year and a half, but as her Keep’n it Green award signifies, she’s had a valuable impact in that short time.

As it says on the plaque, the award “recognizes an employee who exemplifies sustainability initiatives at Radford University.”

“Small things really do add up,” Hall said, who did things like switch the department to reusable water bottles and saved plastic grocery bags for use in tie-dye projects during the summer program.

“The students are 150 percent on board with it,” she said emphatically, noting that the students understand what is at stake.

“They are ready and willing to step in and do something about it.”

She said another aspect of the award was the confirmation that she is on the right track with her endeavors.

“It’s encouraged me to keep being that person who looks for ways we can do things differently.”

Aug 3, 2022
Sean Kotz