RU Dept. of Music focus of presentation at Vancouver conference

Drs. Tim Channell, Trish Winter, and Jennifer McDonel give a presentation at a Vancouver music conference
From left to right: Dr. Timothy Channell (Chair), Dr. Trish Winter (Music Therapy) and Dr. Jennifer McDonel (Music Education) give a talk about RU's Department of Music at the College Music Society National Conference in Vancouver.

In October, 2018, three faculty members from the Department of Music spoke at the College Music Society National Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Drs. Timothy Channell, Trish Winter and Jennifer McDonel gave a presentation titled “Tales from Appalachia: A Community of Like-minded Educators Set on Student Success.” Their talk focused on a vision for creating academic success amid the challenges of teaching a body of students with a wide range of socioeconomic levels here at Radford University.

The faculty members compared differences between students joining the program who already possess a robust array of high-level music experiences, such as private lessons and music camps, to those who come from more rural areas without the financial ability to undertake expensive preparatory endeavors. Their presentation highlighted the formation of close professional relationships with students, faculty mentorship, opportunities for undergraduate and graduate research, and international travel as ways to supersede socioeconomic obstacles to open paths for student success.

Oct 30, 2018
Jason S. Hutchens, Ed.D.