An exhibition of 16 Hands

Artwork by Silvie Granatelli. Photo courtesy of Silvie Granatelli.

Eight artists, 16 hands and a wealth of talent and experience came together into one collective group of ceramists and a woodworker. Known as 16 Hands, their latest artworks will be on exhibition at Radford University Art Museum from Oct. 13-Dec. 14.

Stemming from areas around Floyd County in 1998, the group originated by creating a bi-annual, regional event called the 16 Hands Studio Tour. This tour occurs Thanksgiving weekend and the first weekend in May. It features a wide variety of pottery and woodworking by artists who have distinguished themselves nationally through exhibitions, museum collections and winning six National Endowment for the Arts or Virginia Museum grants among them. Some teach at art schools all over the country and in Italy, Turkey and South America. Dozens of publications on American art have featured their work.

But now they came come together at Radford University. The artists include Josh Copus, potter; Elisa DiFeo, potter; David Eichelberger, potter; Silvie Granatelli, potter; Richard Hensley, potter; Donna Polseno, potter and sculptor; Ellen Shankin, potter; and Brad Warstler, woodworker.

“One of the compelling aspects of viewing the work of 16 Hands is the realization of the depth, scope and range of ceramic expression,” said Shankin. “Seven potters all using the same material either stoneware or porcelain and the end result is so personal and distinctive.”

Shankin said 40 years of perfecting their craft has led to a body of work that has resolution, clarity and beauty. Across the board with all their potters and woodworker, the level of craftsmanship is extraordinary.

Together they began as young craftsmen who shared commons goals, along with apprehensions. They offered one another feedback, help and courage. 16 Hands formed an association with these bonds.

“Viewers will marvel at the craftsmanship of these talented artists,” said Steve Arbury, director of the Radford University Art Museum.

The 16 Hands Exhibition opens Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. and there is a meet-the-artists reception at 5 p.m. in the Radford University Art Museum in the Covington Center. Admission is free. For more information about this show, please call 540-831-5754.

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Oct 6, 2016