Guitar Studio


The goal of the Guitar Program at Radford University is to provide students with a comprehensive preparation in Guitar and music, preparing students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are required to succeed in today’s competitive music scene.

Students interested in joining the guitar studio should view audition tips and requirements (PDF) and discover the guitar ensemble.

What Alumni are Doing

Ryan Book '09

Munkh-Orgil "OT" Turbold '07

Kristopher Hale '05


Each student receives a one-hour lesson per week from the instructor. The lessons cover a broad range of topics and techniques cultivating a versatile, competent and expression musician who is knowledgeable  and capable to enter any and all facets of the profession in which a guitarist can find themselves.

In addition to weekly lessons, each week "Friday Performance Classes” are held in the performance hall or rehearsal hall. Here, students perform in an open forum whereby they receive immediate feedback on their performance skills and are recorded for additional follow-up study of their HD video.

Students also have the additional performance opportunity of weekly department-wide recitals; formal junior and senior recitals, University Guitar Ensemble and chamber recitals both on and off campus.

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