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Percussion Studio

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Percussion Ensemble

The Radford University Percussion Ensemble is required of full-time music students in the percussion studio. The ensemble focuses on chamber percussion works from all time periods and rarely performs with a conductor so as to gain a truly immersive chamber music experience. 

The RU Percussion Ensemble's 2015 performance on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in Washington D.C.

The Radford University Percussion Ensemble frequently performs off campus, including a performance at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke each semester. The ensemble also travels to perform at conferences and festivals, including the 2012 International Percussion Ensemble Week in Croatia, as well as the 2010 Virginia Music Educators State Conference (the group was selected through a tape submission process).  We also performed at PAS Days of Percussion most recently in Washington, D.C. We have also performed at BUMfest International Percussion Ensemble Festival 2018, the Kennedy Center Washington DC,  the Percussive Arts Society International Chamber Competition, the McCormick Marimba Festival 2016 and 2020,  PAS Days of Percussion Virginia and North Carolina, and the North Carolina Percussion Symposium. The ensemble has shared the stage with notable performers such as Michael Burritt, Anders Åstrand, Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Maraca2 and Matt Coley.

The percussion ensemble strives to perform the most challenging music at the highest possible caliber. If you have questions regarding the ensemble or audition process, please contact Professor Will Newton


Recent Guest Artists

Amadinda Percussion (Hungary) 
Amphion Percussion
Anders Åstrand (Twice)
Anders Elten (Denmark)
Andy Harnsberger
Balkan Duo (Eastern Europe)
Bill Cahn
Bob Becker
Dendrocopos Duo (Slovenia)
Frozen Earth Duo

Gordon Stout
Jay Ritchie (Detroit Symphony)
John Kilkenny
John R. Beck
John Riley
Kana Omori (Japan)
Kenny Hogan
Line Upon Line Percussion
Maraca 2 (UK)

Matthew Coley
Michael Burritt (Twice)
Ndugu Chancler
So Percussion (Twice)
Steve Fidyk
Third Coast Percussion (Twice)
Thomas Burritt
Tom Teasley
Wes Crawford

New Percussion Equipment 2010 - Present

Adams Concert Chimes
Adams Philharmonic Light Timpani
Gretch Catalina Club Drum Set
Gretsch New Classic Bop Drum Set
New Hand Selected Sabian Concert Cymbals
Pearl Philharmonic Snare Drums (5)
Yamaha 2700 Gold Bar Vibes
Yamaha 2700 Silver Bar Vibes

Yamaha 9000 Series Concert Toms
Yamaha 2700 Silver Bar Vibes
Yamaha 5100 Marimba (2)
Yamaha Concert Bass Drum 18x4
Yamaha Glockenspiel
Yamaha Pedal Glockenspiel
Yamaha Rosewood Xylophone
Yamaha Symphonic Timpani Hammered Shells