Guitar Performance Audition

Pre-level Audition for Level System

Entrance Technique:

All Major Scales-2 octaves with cadences – V-I (per Duncan) with cadences (V-I-per Duncan) (Quarter =60mm)
Source: Duncan, Charles. "Guitar 2000: Technique for the Contemporary Serious Player." Publ.: Summy-Birchard

The student must demonstrate an acceptable tone quality. Tone Production Studies:

  • Tarrega, Francisco. "Complete Technical Studies." Publ: Universal Ed.
  • Giuliani, Mauro. "Giuliani Revisited" by Berg, C. (
  • Pujol, Emilio. "Tone Studies" (H-0)


Two (2) contrasting solos preferably from the Renaissance and Baroque periods (one of which should be an etude). Source: "Guitar Series: Royal Conservatory-Album 3." Publ.: Frederick Harris Music or comparable.


Comparable in first position and limited to divisions of the beat only as small as eighth-notes.

Level Documents