Chamber ensembles are unconducted small ensembles in which players perform one to a part. Chamber ensembles perform music of many different musical styles and genres. Collaborative music interpretation and performance is at the essence of chamber music. Chamber music requires the total engagement of each performer in unity with, and in dialogue with, other performers in the ensemble. The result is a performance with musical expression that is produced not only by each individual musician but also by the combined members of the ensemble acting as a whole.

Radford University Chamber Ensembles include duos, trios, string quartets, woodwind quintets, brass quintets, guitar ensembles, piano ensembles, percussion ensembles, vocal ensembles and groups that include both instrumentalists and vocalists. Chamber ensembles are open to all qualified students, majors and non-majors, with permission of the ensemble coach. 

Chamber & Symphony Orchestra

The Radford University CHAMBER ORCHESTRA specializes in Baroque, Classical and 20th Century repertoire for small orchestra. The orchestra presents three concerts a year paring chamber works, a major symphony by Mozart or Haydn with an unusual overture, suite or concerto. Each year one program is dedicated to chamber works, one dedicated to full symphony works and one with a primary interest in modern/popular literature.
The orchestra rehearses each week during the semester on Thursdays from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in the Covington Center and is comprised of primarily undergraduate and graduate music and non-music majors, along with some faculty, staff and community members. Students may take the ensemble for one (1) hour of university credit. (NOTE: Admittance to the orchestra is by audition only. Signing up for credit does not guarantee a place in the orchestra). Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester.

For additional information, contact Conductor of Chamber Orchestra, Professor Dan Skidmore

The CAMPUS & COMMUNITY SYMPHONY combines Chamber Orchestra strings with community musicians to form a large symphony under conductor Dr. R. Wayne Gallops. The Symphony rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8pm in the Covington Center.

For additional information, contact Conductor of the University Symphony, Dr. R. Wayne Gallops