Piano Emphasis

Piano Performance

For students who want to emphasize piano performance at the undergraduate level, the department of music offers the bachelor of arts in music and the bachelor of science in music degrees. These are flexible degree programs that allow the piano student to focus on developing a high level of artistic performing abilities and combine a basic music major with elective courses that meet his or her individual needs. Radford University graduates with B.A. and B.S. degrees in music are regularly admitted to the very best professional graduate programs, complete professional masters and doctoral degrees, and are successful in distinguished professional careers.  Pianists will find many opportunities to perform at Radford University, including on departmental recitals, degree recitals, studio performance classes, and master classes and with chamber groups, the chamber orchestra and wind ensemble.

Accompanying/Collaborative Piano

Piano students may also emphasize accompanying/collaborative piano within the B.A. in music or the B.S. in music. These programs provide valuable experience for those pianists interested in the collaborative uses of the piano and prepare students for future professional accompanying opportunities and graduate study in the collaborative arts.

Piano students interested in focusing on accompanying/ collaborative piano have many opportunities to perform with a variety of ensembles, including the choral ensembles, wind ensemble, chamber orchestra, jazz ensembles, instrumental chamber groups and piano ensembles.  Additional performance opportunities include departmental recitals, undergraduate recitals, voice and instrumental studio accompanying, studio performance classes and master classes.

Other undergraduate degree options for piano students are the B.M. Music Business, B.M. Music Education and the B.M. Music Therapy.

Graduate Studies for Pianists

Graduate piano students may also emphasize piano performance or accompanying/collaborative piano within the master of arts in music degree. Graduate assistantships in accompanying and in class piano teaching are available to qualified students.

Performing and Teaching Facilities

Radford University has been designated an “All Steinway School,” and our facilities are equipped with their finest instruments. These include the performance halls, applied studios, practice rooms, classrooms, and rehearsal halls. The extraordinary 350-seat Performance Hall at the Douglas and Beatrice Covington Center for Visual and Performing Arts, the Department’s primary performance venue, houses two beautiful Steinway concert grand pianos. The Bondurant Auditorium in Preston Hall, another performance venue, is also equipped with a Steinway concert grand piano. All instruments are maintained regularly by licensed technicians year round.