Accompanying/Collaborative Piano

Accompanying Class

Accompanying Class (MUSC 458 and MUSC 558) is open to all music and non-music majors with an adequate piano background. The setting for the weekly accompanying class is much like a master class. Student pianists perform with vocalists and instrumentalists on both assigned repertoire and works of their choice. Vocal repertoire, including German lieder, French and Italian art songs and standard opera arias, is studied and analyzed in-depth along with instrumental sonatas, concertos and other works. When appropriate, the class presents a recital at the end of the semester. Outside of the master class setting, individual private lessons guide and direct students in the technical and musical preparation of their accompanying/collaborative repertoire.

Emphasis in Accompanying/Collaborative Piano: Undergraduate and Graduate

Students in both undergraduate and graduate programs may emphasize accompanying/collaborative piano in their degree programs. An emphasis in these areas includes active participation in the accompanying activities of the Department of Music: taking accompanying class (which may be repeated for credit); participating in accompanying choral and large instrumental ensembles; voice and instrumental studio accompanying; and taking chamber music (MUSC 453, which may be repeated for credit). Performance opportunities for student accompanists include departmental recitals, undergraduate and graduate recitals, studio repertoire classes, choral and instrumental ensemble concerts, and accompanying voice and instrumental juries.

An emphasis in accompanying/collaborative piano provides valuable experience for those pianists interested in the collaborative uses of the piano. It prepares students for future professional accompanying opportunities and graduate study in the collaborative arts.

Undergraduate Work Study Positions and Graduate Assistantships

  • Accompanying work study positions are available to qualified undergraduate pianists.
  • Accompanying assistantship may be available to qualified graduate students.

Graduate Studies for Pianists

Graduate piano students may also emphasize piano performance or accompanying/collaborative piano within the Master of Arts in Music degree. Graduate assistantships in accompanying and in class piano teaching are available to qualified students.