Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in music provide for the study of music within a liberal arts framework.   It is recommended that students who enroll in this program exhibit a high level of performance proficiency, as well as the commitment to develop this proficiency to the highest levels.  It is also recommended that students enrolled in either the BA or BS program strongly consider, in consultation with their primary advisor and applied instructor, class structures that have been prepared by the music faculty. These classes, while only recommended, represent a market-based ideal with the intent of preparing students for real life experiences and challenges that the working musician faces.  While the BA and BS programs are intended to have some scholarly freedom with regard to class choices, the music faculty strongly recommends developing a path of study that will purposely and fully prepare students for an ever changing and increasingly challenging market.  

Within the degree options, students may consider such emphases as:

  • Performance – Students focus on developing a high level of artistic performing abilities in their chosen area--instrument or voice.
  • Composition - Students focus on developing a unique creative voice through the acquisition of skills essential to music composition in all genres.

It is recommended that B.A. and B.S. students choose elective courses in consultation with their academic advisors.

Bachelor of Music with a Concentration

Our department also offers students the option to concentrate their studies in three possible career areas: Music Business, Music Education and Music Therapy. Concentrations prepare students for careers that go beyond the performance focus and apply music and music related skills and knowledge professionally. Click the links to learn more about each concentration.

Dr. Robert Sanderl