Major in Dance

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance is a program rooted in the liberal arts, although professional preparation continues to be an important goal. The degree focus is general studies combined with general dance study including technique, theory and creative process. It is intended for the student who desires a curriculum of study allowing for greater elective choices within the context of her/his liberal arts experiences. The B.A. degree provides room in the curriculum for the completion of a second major or one or more minors. Students pursuing this course of study are often interested in preparing for careers and/or continued study in dance-related areas. Dance majors pursuing the BA degree in Dance have successfully double majored in such areas as business, communications, psychology, education, and nutrition to name just a few.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance is specifically oriented toward the dance student preparing for a professional career in performance. The rigorous curriculum provides professional training in dance and related arts that are designed to develop the knowledge, skills, concepts, and sensitivities essential to the artist in the field of Dance.  Eligibility for the BFA degree is determined through an evaluation by the faculty of the student's potential to successfully achieve the outcomes required for the degree.

The Bachelor of Science Degree with Teacher Licensure is intended for the student who aspires to teaching dance in the K-12 setting. In addition to completing the core requirements within the dance major, the teacher candidate must also satisfy the requirements and policies of the College of Education and Human Development and the Virginia State Department of Education. Graduates of the program have gone on to teach in dance programs in public schools, perform and teach in dance companies that work in arts in education, or pursue graduate school in areas such as dance, education, counseling, and dance therapy.