Emeritus Professor Albig Collection

Author Last Name Author First Name Title
Adshead, Ed. Janet Dance Analysis:  Theory and Practice
Barnet Sylvan A Short Guide to Writing About Art
Copeland, Cohen Roger, Marshall What is Dance?
Croce Arlene Afterimages
Croce Arlene Going to the Dance
Croce Arlene Sight Lines
Denby Edwin Looking At the Dance
Yudkoff Alvin Gene Kelly
Foster Susan Leigh Reading Dancing:  Bodies and Subjects in Contemporary American Dance
Hanna Judith Lynne The Performer-Audience Connection
Hawkins Erick The Body is a Clear Place and Other Statements on Dance
Kerner Mary Barefoot to Balanchine:  How to Watch Dance
Klosty, Ed. James Merce Cunningham
Kostelanetz, Ed. Richard Merce Cunningham:  Dancing in Space and Time
Martin Michael Rheta The Arts
McDonagh Don How to Enjoy Ballet
Redfern Betty Dance, Art and Aesthetics
Rosner and Abt, Ed. Stanley, Lawrence The Creative Experience
Terry Walter How to Look at Dance
Theodores Diana First We Take Manhattan
Anawalt Sasha The Joffrey Ballet:  Robert Joffrey and the Marking of an American Dance Company
Balanchine George Balanchine's New Complete Stories of the Great Ballets
Brinson, Crisp Peter, Clement The International Book of Ballet
Cohen, Ed. Selma Jeanne Dictionary of Modern Ballet
Cohen Selma Jeanne Next Week, Swan Lake:  Reflections on Dance and Dances
Fraser John Private View:  Inside Baryshnikov's American Ballet Theatre
Garafola, Ed. Lynn Rethinking the Sylph:  New Perspectives on the Romantic Ballet
Gordon Suzanne Off Balance:  The Real World of Ballet
Gregory John Understanding Ballet:  From Classroom to Stage
Greskovic Robert Ballet 101:  A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the Ballet
Haskell Arnold Balletomania, Then and Now
Kendall Elizabeth Dancing:  A Ford Foundation Report
    Portrait of Mr. B:  Photographs of George Balanchine
Koegler Horst The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet
LeBlond, Jr. Richard E. From Chaos to Fragility:  My Years at the San Francisco Ballet Association
Lido Serge Ballet Horizon 2000
Mason, Ed. Francis Ballet Review
Mazo Joseph H. Dance is a Contact Sport
McConnell Joan Ballet as Body Language
Percival John Modern Ballet
Reyna Ferdinand Ballet:  A Follett-Larousse Concise Encyclopedia
Robbins Jane Classical Dance
Ross and Steinberg, Ed. Janice, Stephen Why a Swan?
Schorer Suki Balanchine Pointework
Stevens Franklin Dance as Life:  A Season with American Ballet Theatre
Terry Walter The Ballet Companion:  A Popular Guide for the Ballet-goer
Verwer Hans Guide to the Ballet
Woodward Ian Ballet
Wyman Max The Royal Winnipeg Ballet:  The First Forty Years
Ailey Alvin Revelations
Ashley Merrill Dancing for Balanchine
Astaire Fred Steps in Time
Nureyev Rudolph Nureyev
Beaumont Cyril W. Michael Fokine and His Ballets
Bentley Toni Winter Season:  A Dancer's Journal
Buckle Richard Nijinsky
Buckle Richard In the Wake of Diaghilev
De Mille Agnes Dance to the Piper
De Mille Agnes Speak to Me, Dance with Me
Dunning Jennifer Alvin Ailey:  A Life in Dance
Fonteyn Margot Autobiography
Limon Jose An Unfinished Memoir
Garfunkel Trudy Letter to the World: The Life and Dances of Martha Graham
Graham Martha Blood Memory
Guest Ivor Adventures of a Ballet Historian
Halprin Anna Moving Toward Life: Five Decades of Transformational Dance
Hay Deborah Lamb at the Altar: The Story of a Dance
Kirkland, Lawrence Gelsey, Greg The Shape of Love
Kirkland, Lawrence Gelsey, Greg Dancing on the Grave
Kent Allegra Once a Dancer…
Karsavina Tamara Theatre Street
Jamison, Kaplan Judith, Howard Dancing Spirit
Horosko Marian Martha Graham: The Evolution of Her Dance Theory and Training 1926-1991
Krasovskaya Vera Nijinsky
Kurth Peter Isadora: A Sensational Life
La Fosse Robert Nothing to Hide: A Dancer's Life
Lawrence Greg Dance With Demons: The Life of Jerome Robbins
Loney Glenn Unsung Genius: The Passion of Dancer-Choreographer Jack Cole
Macaulay, ed. Alastair Matthew Bourne and his Adventures in Motion Pictures
Nijinsky Romola Nijinsky
Nijinsky Romola The Last Years of Nijinsky
Nijinska Bronislava Early Memoirs
McDonagh Don Martha Graham
Maynard Olga Judith Jamison: Aspects of a Dancer
Magriel, ed. Paul Nijinsky, Pavlova, Duncan
Rose Phyllis Jazz Cleopatra
Pollack, Woodford Barbara, Charles Humphrey Dance is a Moment: A Portait of Jose Limon in words and Pictures
Perlmutter Donna Shadowplay: The Life of Antony Tudor
Percival John Theatre in my Blood: A Biography of John Cranko
Percival John Nureyev
Osato Sono Distant Dances
Soares Janet Louis Horst: Musician in a Dancer's World
Smakov Gennady Baryshnikov: From Russia to the West
Siegel Marcia Days on Earth: The Dance of Doris Humphrey
Shawn, Poole Ted, Gray One Thousand and One Night Stands
Seroff Victor The Real Isadora
Stodelle Ernestine Deep Song: the Dance Story of Martha Graham
Spencer, Dyer Charles, Philip The World of Serge Diachilev
Sorell Walter The Mary Wigman Book
Sorell Walter Looking Back in Wonder: Diary of a Dance Critic
Sorell Walter Hanya Holm: The Biography of an Artist
Solway Diane Nureyev: His Life
Tracy  Robert Goddess: Martha Graham's Dancers Remember
Tharp Twyla Push Comes to Shove
Terry Walter Ted Shawn: Father of American Dance
Taylor Paul Private Domain
Taper Bernard Balanchine
Stuart Otis Perpetual Motion: The Public and Private Lives of Rudolf Nureyev
Adams Laurie Schneider A History of Western Art
Barry Sir Gerald Man the Artist
Kronenberger Louis Quality Its Image in the Arts
Migel Parmenia Pablo Picasso Designs for "The Three-Cornered Hat"
Barnes  Clyde Inside American Ballet Theatre
Bland Alexander Fonteyn and Nureyev
Clark Mary Ballerina: The art of Women in Classical Ballet
Clark  Mary Ballet Art From the Renaissance to the Present
Crisp Clement The Colorful World of Ballet
Davis Mike The Wonderful World of Ballet
Dodd Craig Ballet
Gelatt Ronald Nijinsky The Film
Grigorovich Yu. Bolshoi Ballet
Gruen John The Worlds Great Ballets
Hager Bengt Ballets Suedois
Hall Fernau The World of Ballet and Dance
Kaye Elizabeth American Ballet Theatre: A 25 year Retrospective
Kirstein Lincoln Movement and Metaphor: four centuries of ballet
Kirstein Lincoln The New York City Ballet
Krementz Jill A Very Young Dancer
Migel Parmenia Great Ballet Stars in Historic Photographs 
Money Keith The Art of The Royal Ballet
Montague Sarah The Ballerina
Payne Charles American Ballet Theatre
Philp Richard Danseur The Male in Ballet
Pokrovsky Boris The Bolshoi Opera and Ballet at the Greatest Theater in Russia
Ptak Andrew The Ballet Book: A Young Dancers Guide 
Smakov Gennady The Great Russian Dancers
Terry Walters Great Male Dancers of the Ballet
Tracy Robert Balanchine's Ballerinas
Wooliams Anne Ballet Studio: An inside view
Alovert Nina Baryshnikov in Russia
Unger Craig Blue Blood
Warren Larry Lester Horton: Modern Dance Pioneer
Berkson Robert Musical Theatre Choreography
Blom  Lynne Anne The Intimate Act of Choreography
Blom Lynne Anne The Moment of Movement: Dance Improvisation
Cass Joan The Dance: A Handbook for the Appreciation of the Choreographic Experience
Hawkins Alma M. Creating Through Dance
Humphrey Doris The Art of Making Dances
Ellfeldt Lois A Primer for Choreographers
Lawson Joan A Ballet-Makers Handbook
McGreevy-Nichols Susan Building Dances: A Guide for Putting Movements Together
Morgenroth Joyce Dance Improvisation
Rogosin Elinor The Dance Makers: Conversations with American Choreographers
Turner Margery J.  New Dance: Approaches to Nonlitteral Choreography
Asante Kariamu Welsh African Dance: An Artistic, Historical, and Philosophical Inquiry
Baglin Douglas Aboriginals of Austrailia
Bi Tang Ye Dance Art of Dai Nationality
Daniel Ana Bali: Behind the Mask
Deren Maya Divine Horse-Men: The Woodoo Gods of Haiti
Diallo Yaya The Healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings
Dodds E.R. The Greeks and The Irrational
Edmonds Margot Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends
Eliade Mircea Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy
Fienup-Riordan Ann  Eskimo Essays
Finley M.I. The Ancient Greeks
Fontana David The Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols and Their Meanings
Gottschild Brenda Dixon Digging: The Africanist Presence in American Performance
Grant Michael The World of Rome
Hammerschlag Carl A. The Dancing Healers: A doctor's journey of healing with Native Americans
Lawler Lillian B. The Dance in Ancient Greece
Narby Jeremy Shamans Through Time: 500 Years on the Path to Knowledge
Geographic  National Native American Heritage: 1491 Before Colombus
Nettleford Rex Dance Jamaica: Cultural Definition and Artistic Discovery
Commission for Unesco Austrialian Aboriginal Culture
Panorama   Everything About Tulum
Monclem Ediciones The Mayas: History, Art, and Archaeology
Panorama   The Mayas: History, Art, Culture
Cambridge University Press Art Experience in Classical Greece
Blom Benjamin Dramas and Dramatic Dances of Non-European Races
Royce Anya Peterson The Anthropology of Dance
Perces, Forsythe, Bell Majorie, Ana Marie, Cheryl The Dance Technique of Lester Horton
Blasis Carlo An Elementary treatise upon the theory and practice of the art of dancing
Cohan Robert The Dance Workshop
Cohan Robert The Dance Workshop
Cohan Robert The Dance Workshop
Arnheim Rudolf Visual Thinking
Ambrosio Nora Learning About Dance, 1st edition
Barringer, Schlesinger Janice, Sarah The Pointe Book
Barringer, Schlesinger Janice, Sarah The Pointe Book
Ambrosio Nora Learning About Dance, 2nd edition
Bolante Antony Premiere for Macintosh and Windows
Firefly Books   The Ballet Book: The Young Performer's Guide to Classical Ballet
Cheney Gay Basic Concepts in Modern Dance
Cayou Dolores Modern Jazz Dance
Celichowska Renata The Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique
Grant Gail Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet
Grant Gail Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet
Beaumont, Idzikowski Cyril W., Stanislas A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Classical Theatrical Dancing
Gale Joseph Behind Barres: The Nystique of Masterly Teaching
Kraines, Pryor Minda, Ester Jump into Jazz
Kraines, Pryor Minda, Ester Jump into Jazz 5th Edition
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dancer Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners; fifth edition
Evans, Evans Bessie, May G. Native American Dance Steps
Duffy Natalie Modern Dance: An Adult Beginner's Guide
Mille Agnes To A Young Dancer
LaPointe-Crump Janice In Balance: The Fundamentals of Ballet
LaPointe-Crump, Staley Janice, Kimberly Discovering Jazz Dance: America's Energy and Soul
Kriegal, Chandler-Vaccaro Lorraine, Kim Jazz Dance Today
Kraines, Kan Minda, Ester Jump into Jazz
Hammond Sandra Ballet: Beyond the Basics
Grieg Valerie Inside Ballet Technique
Gray Judith Dance InstructionL Science Applied to the Art of Movement
Gray Acia The Souls of Your Feet
Grant Gail Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet
Goleman, Kaufman,Ray Daniel, Paul, Michael The Creative Spirit
Penrod,  Plastino James, Janice The Dancer Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dancer Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners, second edition
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dance Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners, 3rd edition
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dance Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners, 4th edition
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dance Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners, 5th edition
Paskevska Anna Both Sides of the Mirror: The Science and Art of Ballet
Neale Wendy On Your Toes: Beginning Ballet
Minton Sandra Modern Dance: Body and Mind, A basic approach for beginners
Messerer Asaf Classes in Classical Ballet
Marx Trina Tap Dance: A Beginner's Guide
Lowski Woytek The Art of Teaching Classical Ballet
Lawson Joan Ballet Class: Principles and Practice
Turner Margery J. Modern Dance for High School and College
Traguth Fred Modern Jazz Dance
Tarasov Nikolai Ballet Technique for the Male Dancer
Stodelle Ernestine The Dance Technique of Doris Humphrey and its creative potential
Shook Karel Elements of Classical Ballet Technique
Schlaich, DuPont Joan, Betty The Art of Teaching Dance Technique
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dancer Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners, third edition
Penrod, Plastino James, Janice The Dancer Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners, fourth edition
Siegel Marcia Nik, A Documentary
Cohen Selma Jeanne The Modern Dance: Seven Statements of Belief
Cohen Selma Jeanne The Modern Dance: Seven Statements of Belief
Banes Sally Terpsichore In Sneakers; Post-Modern Dancer
Anderson Jack The World of Modern Dance; Art without Boundaries
Anderson Jack The American Dance Festival
Warren Gretchen The Art of Teaching Ballet; Ten Twentieth-Century Masters
Chapman, Kraus Sarah, Richard Hisotry of the Dance in Art and Education, second edition
Burt, Foster Ramsay, Susan Leigh Discourses In Dance
Kraus, Hilsendager, Dixon Richard, Sarah, Brenda History of the Dance in Art and Education, third edition
Mazo Joseph Prime Movers, second edition
Martin John The Modern Dance
Martin John America Dancing
Love Paul Modern Dance Terminology
Quasha, Zimmer Susan, Elizabeth Body Against Body, the dance and other collaborations of Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane
Kreemer Connie Further Steps; 15 choreographers on modern dance
Louis, Marceau, Nikolais Murray, Marcel, Alwin Inside Dance
Freeman Mae Blacker Fun with Ballet; beginners' book for future ballerinas
Horst, Russell Louis, Carroll Modern Dance Forms in Relation to the other Modern Arts
Cunningham Merce The Dancer and the Dance
Brown Jean Morrison The Vision of Modern Dance
Lishka Gerald A Handbook for the Ballet Accompanist
McDonagh Don The Rise and Fall and Rise of Modern Dance
Dyke Jan Van Modern Dance in a Post Modern World
Bowra C.M Primitive Song
Jordan Stephanie Moving Music
McDonagh Don The Complete Guide to Modern Dance
McDonagh Don The Complete Guide to Modern Dance
Norris, Shiner Dorothy E. Koch, Reva P. Keynotes to Modern Dance
Siegel Marcia The Tail of the Dragon New Dance, 1976-1982
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning, mask and metaphor; role, imagery, disguise
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning, sacred dance
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning, sacrifice and transformation
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning
    Parabola: Myth and the Quest for Meaning
    Research in Dance I
    Dance as Intangible Heritage
de Mille Agnes Russian Journals
Caccialanza, Bailey Gisella, Sarah Lettter from the Maestro: Enrico Cecchettia to Gisella Caccialanza
    Dance Perspectives 40
    Dance Perspectives 41
    Research in Dance II
Teck Katherine Ear Training for the Body; A dancer's guide to music
Searle Humphrey Ballet Music
Willis John Dance World 1973 Volume 8
Willis John Dance World 1969, volume 4
Willis John Dance World 1967, volume 2
Willis John Dance World 1966
Schlundt Christena Into The Mystic with Miss. Ruth
Frazier James G. The Golden Bough: The Roots of Religion and Folklore
Evans Bergen Dictionary of Mythology
Docherty Thomas Postmodernism: A Reader
Deer Irving & Harriet A. The Popular Arts: A Critical Reader
Rundle Clark R.T. Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt
Campbell Joseph The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology
Campbell Joseph The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology
Campbell Joseph The Inner Reaches of Outer Space
Bierhorst John The Mythology of North America
McLuhan Marshall Understanding Media: An Extension of Man
Harrison Jane Ellen Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion
Goodman Felicitas D. How About Demons? Possession and Exorcism in the Modern World
Godwin Joscelyn Mystery Religions in the Ancient World
Hamilton Virginia In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World
Hamilton Edith Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes
Gaster Theodor H.  Thespis: Ritual, Myth and Drama in the Ancient Near East
Frazier James G. The Illustrated Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion
Ripinsky-Naxon Michael The Nature of Shamanism
Rockwell David Giving Voice to the Bear: North American Indians, Myths, Rituals, and images of the Bear
Rosenthal Raymond McLuhan Pro & Con
Ellfeldt/ Carnes Lois/Edwin Dance Prodcution Handbook or Later is Too Late
Crisp/Clarke Clement/Mary Making a Ballet
Fuerst/Hume Walter R./Samuel J. Twentieth-Century Stage Decoration
Gray Judith A. Dance Technology: Current Applications and Future Trends
Harrison Mary Kent How to Dress Dancers: Costuming Techniques for Dance
Lawson/Revitt Joan/Peter Dressing for the Ballet
Publication   Designs for Dance
Hayes Elizabeth R. Dance Composition & Production
Schlach/Dupont Joan/Betty Dance: The Art of Production; Second Edition
Smith C. Ray The Theatre Crafts: Book of Costume
Aylen Leo The Greek Theater
Carr Cynthia On Edge Performance at the End of the 20th Century
Chengbei Xu Peking Opera
Croce Arlene The Fred Estair and Ginger Rogers Book
Enters Angna On Mime
Gropius Walter The Theater of the bauhaus
Kernodle Geroge/Portia Invitation to the Theatre
Rhiner/MasaKazu Thomas/Yamazaki On the Art of the No Drama
Roose-Evans James Experimental Theatre
Griffiths Trevor Stagrecraft The Complete Guide to Theatrical Practice
Hodgson Maria Quintet Five American Dance Companies
Sorell Walter the Dance through the Ages
Fitt Sally Sevey Dance Kinesiology
Huwyler Josef The Dancer's Body A Medical Perspective on Dance and Dance Training
Ryan/Stephens Allan/Robert The Healthy Dancer Dance Medicine for Dancers
Kent Allegra The Dancer's Body Book
Driver Ian a century of dance
Hilton Wendy Dance of Court & Theater The French Noble Style
Kobal John A History of Movie Musicals Gotta Sing Gotta Dance
Kochno Boris Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes
McDonagh Don Dance Fever
    Ballet and Modern Dance
Roberts/Vaughan Jane/David Dance History Looking at Ballet Ashton and Balanchine
Time-Life Books   What Life was Like Among Samurai and Shoguns
Walker/Woodcock Kathrine/Sarah The Royal Ballet A Picture History
Gordon Anthony Dancers to Remember
De Mille Agnes The Book of the Dance
Martin's St. Ballet and Dance
Lihs Harriet Appreciating Dance A Guide to the World's Liveliest Art
Lihs Harriet Appreciating Dance A Guide to the World's Liveliest Art
Jones Gerald Dancing The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement
Ewing William Dance and Photography
Reynolds/Reimer-Torn Nancy/Susan In Performance A Companion to the Classics of Dance
Crist Linda Ballet Barre Enchainements
Lewis Daniel The Illustrated Dance Technique of Jose Limon
Paskevska Anna Ballet From the First Plie to Mastery An Eight-Year Course
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company   Learning to Dance: dance as an art form and entertainment
Zhdanov/Yussim Leonid/Margrita The Perfection of Dance
Mitchell Jack Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Morgan Barbara Martha Graham Sixteen Dances in Photographs
Sherbon Elizabeth On the Count of One: Modern Dance Methods
Cole Adam Ballet Music for the Dance Accompianist
Gilbert/Lockhart Pia/Aileene Music for the Modern Dance
Hart/Lieberman Hart/Fredric Planet Drum
Ballet News   Oct-80
Ballet News   Mar-81
Ballet News   Apr-81
Ballet News   Sep-82
Ballet News   Feb-83
Dance & The Arts   May/June 1997
Pittsburgh Dance Council Program Magazine   Dance
Fallon/Wolbers Dennis/Mary Jane Focus on Dance X: Religion and Dance
Gray Miriam Focus on Dance V
Imel E Focus on Dance: VIII Dance Heritage
Wooten Betty Focus on Dance II
Cavendish Richard Mythology
Clottes/Lewis-Williams Jean/David The Shamans of Prehistory Trance and Magic in the Painted Caves
Steinman Louise The Knowing Body Elements of Contemporary Performance & Dance
Ganzl Kurt Song & Dance
Vaganova Agrippina Basic Principles of Classical Ballet
Sorell Walter the Dancer's Image
Shearer Moira Balletmaster A Dancer's View of George Balanchine
Warren Gretchen Classical Ballet Technique
Cass Joan Dancing Through History
Buckman Peter Let's Dance: Social, Ballroom & Folk Dancing
Brandman Russella The Evolutions Of Jazz Dance From Folkd Origins to Concert Stage
Lieven Peter The Birth of the Ballets-Russes
Berger Melvin The World of Dance
Banes Sally Writing Dancing in the Age of Postmodernism
Banes Sally Democracy's Body
Anderson Jack Dance
Anderson Jack Ballet & Modern Dance: A Concise History
Anderson Jack Ballet & Modern Dance: A Concise History
Vincent L.M. The Dancer's Book of Health
Albig Pegeen A History of the Robert Joffrey Ballet
Adshead/Layson Janet/June Dance History
Vincent L.M. Competing with the Sylph
Stein/Unell Patricia/Barbara Anorexia Nervosa: Finding the Life Line
Sparger Celia Anatomy and Ballet
Clarkson/Skrinar Priscilla/Margaret Science of Dance Training
Thomasen/Rist Eivind/Rachel-Anne Anatomy and Kinesiology for Ballet Teachers
Marx Russell It's Not Your Fault
Nagrin Daniel How to Dance Forever: Surviving Against the Odds
Hamilton Linda Advice for Dancers: Emotional Counsel and Practical Strategies
Gazdar Michael Taking Your Back to the Future
Birdwhistell Ray Kinesics and Context
Berardi Gigi Finding Balance: Fitness and Training for a Lifetime in Dance
Wright Barton Hopi Kachinas
Wilkinson Gardner The Ancient Egyptians Their Life and Customs: Volume Two
Waters Frank Book of the Hopi: The first Revelation of the Hopi's Historical and Religious World-view of Life
Siegel Marcia The Shapes of Change: Images of American Dance
Scholl Tim From Petipa to Balanchine
Sachs Curt World History of the Dance
Reyna Ferdinando A Concise History of Ballet
Oesterley W.O.E. The Sacred Dance
Lee Carol Ballet In Western Culture
Strayer Joseph Western Europe in the Middle Ages
Sorell Walter Dance In Its Time
Terry Walter The Dance in America
Smith/Litton Cecil/Smith Musical Comedy in America
Vaughan David Frederick Ashton and His Ballets
Migel Parmenia The Ballerinas From the Court of Louis XIV to Pavlova
Hirschhorn Clive Gene Kelly
Kraus Richard History of the Dance
Jowitt Deborah Time and the Dancing Image
Horst Louis Pre-Classic Dance Forms
Haskins James Black Dance in America: A History Through Its People
Guest Ivor The Romantic Ballet in Paris
Guest Ivor The Ballet of the Second Empire
Guest Ivor The Ballet of the Second Empire
Garafola Lynn Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
Frank Rusty TAP!: The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and their Stories
Dunning Jennifer "But First A School": The First Fifty Years of the School of American Ballet
Cooke/Kramer/Rowland-Entwistle Jean/Ann/Theodore History's Timeline: A 40,000 Year Chronology of Civilization
Cohen Selma Dance As a Theatre Art
Clarke/Crisp Mary/Clement Ballet: An Illustrated History
Worthington/Farrar Janet/Ronald The Ultimate College Survival Guide
Butler John The Making of a Dance
Steinberg Cobbett The Dance Anthology
Sorell Walter The Dance Has Many Faces
Rolland John Inside Motion: An Ideokinetic Basis for Movement Education
Newman Barbara Striking a Balance: Dancers Talk About Dancing
Reynolds/Reimer-Torn Nancy/Susan Dance Classics: A Viewer's Guide to the Best-Loved Ballets and Modern Dances
Nadel/Miller Myron/Constance The Dance Experience
Mirault Don Dancing… For a Living-two
Martin John John Martin's Book of the Dance
Lyle Cynthia Dancers on Dancing
Laws/Harvey Kenneht/Cynthia Physics, Dance, and the Pas de Deux
Kalinin Beverly Power to the Dancers!
Jones Mark Dancer's Resource
Kahlich Luke Impulse: The International Journal of Dance Science, Medicine, and Education
Laws Kenneth The Physics of Dance
Jacob Ellen Dancing: A Guide for the Dancer You Can Be
Guralnik David Wevster's New World Dicionary
Gardner Howard Creating Minds
Fast Julius Body Language
Dowell Anthony The Performing World of the Dancer
Coe Robert Dance In America
Cantor Norman The Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
Brenner Summer Dancers & the Dance
Ellfeldt Lois Dance From Magic to Art
Au Susan Ballet & Modern Dance
Au Susan Ballet & Modern Dance
Ambrosio Nora Learning About Dance, 3rd Edition
Ambrosio Nora Learning About Dance
White Joan 20th Century Dance in Britain
Baer Nancy The Art of Enchantment
Clarke/Crisp Mary/Clement The History of Dance
Bland Alexander The Royal Ballet: The First Fifty Years
Bland Alexander A History of Ballet and Dance
Demidov Alexander The Russian Ballet Past & Present
Martins Peter New York City Ballet Workout
Time-Life Books   The Way of The Spirit
Time-Life Books   Wondrous Realms of the Aegean
Time-Life Books   The Search For El Dorado
Time-Life Books   Persians: Masters of Empire
Time-Life Books   Etruscans: Italy's Lovers of Life
Time-Life Books   Mound Builders & Cliff Dwellers
Time-Life Books   Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs
Time-Life Books   Ancient India: Land of Mystery
Long Richard The Black Tradition in American Dance
Hughes/Meltzer Langston/Milton Black Magic: A Pictorial History of the African-American in the Performing Arts
Huet Michel The Dance, Art and Ritual of Africa
Highwater Jamake Dance
Fienup-Riordan Ann The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks
Bahti Tom Southwestern Indian Ceremonials
Bahti Tom Southwestern Indian Ceremonials
Hart George Ancient Egypt
Svetloff V. Anna Pavlova
Mueller John The Musical Films: Astaire Dancing
Lazzarini/Lazzarini John/Roberta Pavlova
Leatherman Leroy Martha Graham
Bejart   Bejart
Kahn Albert Days with Ulanova
Harvey Stephen Directed by Vincente Minnelli
Freedland Michael Fred Astaire
France Charles Baryshnikov at Work
Eglevsky/Gregory Andre/John Heritage of a Ballet Master: Nicolas Legat
Mille Agnes America Dances
Bland Alexander The Nureyev Image
Barnes Clive Nureyev