Welcome from the Chair

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Radford University Department of Dance website.  As you browse through our pages, I am confident that you will realize our commitment to the art of dance and to our community of future dance professionals.

In the Radford University Department of Dance, we believe that you will not go as far in dance, or in life, trying to outdo each other as you will moving forward together. That is our mantra: moving forward together.

We accomplish this by focusing on: RelationshipsDiversity, and Opportunity.

It’s all About Relationships. When we surveyed our alumni, what they loved most about their experience with us was the personal and positive relationships they developed with the faculty and with their classmates. Lending a hand to lift each other up, we create a collaborative and cooperative environment that supports you in your growth as a dance-artist.

There is Richness in Diversity. The second highlight our alumni valued was the diversity in our program. Rather than being a melting pot, we think of our program as a fusion of unique dance artists who each contribute to the flavor of the whole while maintaining a distinct identity, style, and voice. Because of this, we offer a diversity of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, pointe, tap, musical theater, and Korean dance. More importantly, we look for students that bring a diversity of viewpoints, experiences, backgrounds, interests, and skills.

Creating Opportunity. The third highlight from our alumni was the numerous opportunities the program provided them. Not only are there several performance opportunities, including our mainstage faculty and national guest artist concerts, The Nutcracker, student choreographic concerts, and travel abroad trips, but we also work to create opportunities specific to your path in dance so that you learn to see challenges as a springboard for creativity, while also discovering the many opportunities available in a career in dance.

Whether you choose to pursue our BFA in Dance, BS in Dance Education (Entrepreneurship Emphasis), or the BA in Dance, the synergy from focusing on relationships, diversity, and creating opportunity based on your path makes the Radford University Department of Dance an exciting place for you to learn, grow, and create. We welcome your questions and strongly encourage you to contact and visit us. I look forward to when you might join us in moving forward together.


Amy VanKirk, Interim Chair