Welcome from the Chair

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Radford University Department of Dance website.  As you browse through our pages, I am confident that you will realize our commitment to the art of dance and to our community of learners.

In the Radford University Department of Dance, we prepare undergraduate students to be real, responsive, and resilient dancers, teachers, choreographers, and scholars for careers in the 21st century dance field. 

We do this by promoting a personal approach, giving students an individualized and compassionate education. Our department of 50 dance majors and 5 fulltime faculty assures that every student gets a fulltime faculty advisor that has both professional real-world experience in the field of dance and higher education.

We encourage rigor & resiliency as students develop the craft and professional standards needed for successful careers, whatever path they choose. We recognize that employers—in and out of the dance field—desire people that display discipline, think critically, creative problem-solve, and communicate effectively. Dance education inherently develops these skills and we help our students make the connection between their learning in the program and the real-word applications.

We engage students with a community focus that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion; creates a sense of belonging; and develops the skills of collaborative leadership. Dance is a collaborative field, but we make the lessons and skills of co-leadership explicit so our students can confidently transfer them from the studio or stage to their professional or graduate careers.

We foster adaptive innovations so our students can become the next generation of entrepreneurial artists and scholars leading the field of dance forward. By focusing on developing trends in the field and beyond, we reflect and adapt our program to prepare our students for the ever-changing world of tomorrow.

The synergy from balancing a personal approach, learning rigor, community focus, and adaptive innovation, makes the Radford University Department of Dance an exciting place to learn, grow, and create. We welcome your questions and strongly encourage you to contact and visit us.


James W. Robey, Chair