Student Organizations

AIGA: Radford (AIGA)

AIGA: Radford is a student group dedicated to providing creative opportunities and contests to graphic design and art majors as well as those students interested in graphic arts. It is an outlet to be able to push the limits of your art.

Art Guild

The Art Guild here at RU is an organization which gives thought to the creative impulse and day to day interactions with the aesthetic. So in short, WE DO STUFF. Like make tee shirts, paint murals, play music, and go on Art related trips.

Ceramics Guild of Radford University (Ceramics Guild)

This organization brings together students with a shared interest in ceramics. We do fun events such as guest artists, and Raku BBQ.

Graduate Art Student Association (GASA)

Graduate Art Student Association (GASA) is a group for graduate art students. We plan social activities (like pot lucks, holiday gatherings, movie nights, etc) as well as hanging exhibits and having presentations.

Photography Club (Photo Club)

The Photography Club is an opportunity for all the students and faculty at Radford to come together on equal footing and share their ideas and experience to promote their own artistic growth and that of their peers.