Freshman and Sophomore Portfolio Review


Annual Portfolio Reviews for the B.F.A. Degree in Studio

  • All B.F.A. Studio students must complete three annual reviews plus a Senior Exit Review in their field, which equals a total of four reviews.
  • Incoming transfer students must complete three annual reviews.

The following guidelines describe how the Annual Portfolio Reviews will be carried out. All BFA Studio students regardless of when they entered the program are required to have an Annual Portfolio Review. All B.F.A. studio students must complete three annual reviews plus a senior exit review in their field which equals a total of four reviews. Incoming transfer students must complete three annual reviews. This requirement is outlined in the Radford University Undergraduate Catalog.

B.F.A. Annual Portfolio Review Objectives for Studio

The objectives of the B.F.A. Annual Portfolio Reviews are to insure that all students complete and maintain in their course work the standards of excellence needed to complete the B.F.A. degree. This review with specialized area faculty provides an overview of the students work regardless of grade and offers opportunities to give guidance and feedback in the student’s pursuits. In the junior reviews, students must demonstrate a clear focus in preparation for senior exhibition. Faculty will advise the students towards their conceptual and technical direction.

Forms and Statements

 All Annual Review Portfolios must be accompanied by a B.F.A. Portfolio Review Form (available from the B.F.A. Committee Chair), Professor Alison Pack and the link provided (forthcoming). All students interested in the B.F.A. studio program should register themselves in the link provided.

First Year and Second Year students in the B.F.A. studio program will have their annual review on the second Friday of April: April 11, 2014.

Number of works in the Annual Portfolio Review

First Year and Second Year Students must have three works from each art class that they have taken. All drawings, watercolors and photographs must be matted with white mattes, edges finished on paintings. Three-dimensional works must be presented in a manner that is appropriate to the field.

Not submitting annual portfolio review will result in failing the review.

Statement of Work

A 150 to 200 word Statement of Work (typed in either hard copy or e-mail) must be submitted to the B.F.A. Coordinator two weeks prior to the annual portfolio review. Suggested questions to cover in the statement: What is your inspiration for creating your works? What is your intent in the works produced? What are you trying to say and how are you trying to say it? Which periods of art history and or styles do you relate to? What are your preferred mediums and disciplines (studio areas) and why have you chosen them.

Evaluation for the Annual Review

Annual Portfolio Reviews are conducted by the faculty in the respective studio areas. Resulting scores will be e-mailed as soon as possible after the reviews are completed. Faculty comments will be made and or / handed directly to the student at the time of evaluation. The evaluation scale is one to four. The highest score is four, while three indicates successful completion of the degree. The lowest passing score is 2.5. If you receive a 2.5 you may consider changing your area of focus. This is not a good score. It is a wake-up call.

All informational meetings regarding the review will be posted on the studio website link. Informational meetings may be sent out by the B.F.A. coordinator; however B.F.A. studio students are responsible for checking with the B.F.A. studio coordinator regarding any questions that they have about the B.F.A. studio program. Please check the B.F.A. studio bulletin board and the B.F.A. studio website link periodically.

Additionally, all meetings, dates of activities and or requirements will be posted on the Studio Bulletin board. B.F.A. students are required to check the bulletin board periodically.