Master of Fine Arts

If your goal is a future as a professional artist or graphic designer, or you hope to teach studio art at the university level, the program at Radford University is the program for you. The Master of Fine Arts degree lets you concentrate in painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, jewelry and metalworking or ceramics, and features small classes, opportunities to work closely with your professors, and an accomplished, international faculty.

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Admission Requirements

  • A cover letter indicating professional goals and an Artist's or Designer’s statement
  • BFA or a B.A. in art or graphic design, including at least 12 credit hours in upper level studios and 6 credit hours in art history, or a bachelor’s degree in any major with a strong portfolio showing evidence of equivalent proficiency
  • Electronic portfolio with 15 – 20 recent works in a single PDF document, optimized not to exceed 50 mb; at least 15 images should be of work in your preferred medium.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 overall
  • Two letters of reference


  • Nov. 1 for consideration for spring semester admission
  • April 1 for consideration for fall semester admission

M.F.A. in Studio Art Degree (60 hours total, including 30 credits in graduate-only courses)

Core MFA courses (9 hours; entirely online)

ART550/DSN550 International Art History
ART555/DSN555 International Art History II
EDET619 Instructional Design and Evaluation

Studio Art Concentration, Course Requirements (51 hours)

Graduate level courses in area of concentration (2-D or 3-D) - 30 hrs
[ART600 or ART605 may be repeated for credit with changing emphases]
ART702. Studio management- 3 hours
ART611 Critical writing in art - 3 hours
ART electives - 9 hours
ART699 Research and thesis - 6 hours
[A thesis exhibition and written thesis, followed by a defense, are required of all students]

Review Requirements

The first collective 2nd year review for MFA students is scheduled for April 13. More information will be forthcoming early in the spring semester.

A first-year and second-year review are required of all MFA – Studio Art students. The reviews will be scheduled by the department and the results will be reported to the Graduate College. Students are permitted up to two attempts at each review.

The first review must be attempted during the term in which the student is enrolled in the 18th credit hour in the program. Students must pass the first year review before they are eligible to take the second year review.

The second year review must be attempted during the term in which the student is enrolled in the 36th credit hour in the program. Students must successfully complete both reviews in order to be eligible for graduation. If a student fails either review on the second attempt, the student will not be able to register for thesis credits and (s)he will be dismissed from the program at the end of the term of the second attempt and will not be able to complete the MFA degree. Additional information about the reviews can be found in the MFA student handbook.