B.F.A. Graphic Design

The graphic design concentration at Radford University encompasses the full scope of visual communication. Beginning with the basic concepts of composition, layout, and orderly visual communication, undergraduate students learn to design for print and electronic media. Students learn how typography can be combined with illustration and photography to create powerful visual images. Students have access to a multimedia environment of Macintosh computers, video and digital cameras, scanners, and laser printers with software for word processing, 3D design and animation, photo manipulation, drawing, painting, and layout.

The Radford University art faculty has created a well-rounded program, and students who complete the sequence of courses will have a solid background with graphic design problem-solving skills needed to succeed within a demanding and exciting profession.

Requirements for the concentration consist of general education or core curriculum courses, various courses in the art department intended for students in all concentrations, and a specified number of credit hours in course work specific to the concentration. (Details are provided in the check sheets.) The following is a list of concentration-specific courses:

Graphic Design Courses