BFA Graphic Design Show | Spring 2020


Madison Barnes

I work hard to develop designs that speak both to me and to others about the beauty of color, structure and communication. Part of my process before I begin designing is to do as much research on the topic as I can; that way I have enough knowledge about a certain topic to convey a certain idea. I do not merely want to create my designs with color and structure but to also have it communicate clearly and to captivate my audience or client. My artwork speaks not only for myself but for people who just need a little touch of color in their life.


Leslie Brock

My work speaks about how much I care about rescue dogs. I have always loved rescue animals. In 2019, my boyfriend adopted a dog from the Roanoke Valley SPCA. Adopting Nola (the rescue dog who my exhibition is based on), was one of the best things to happen to me and my boyfriend’s lives. She has given me so much inspiration for my senior exhibition. The overall intention of my body of work is to create a care kit for new pet owners. Rescue care kits are needed for new adoptive pet parents. Each piece of the care kit is an integral part of the overall body of work.


Rebecca Cencewizki

Makeup has become a copy machine. Everything looks the same, so I wanted to make something different. These 3D lipstick tubes are a different type of tube because they are not the typical cylinder, but a rocket ship that is ready for take-off. By combining my love of space and makeup I created a new look in the field of lipstick that will reach for the stars.


Colby Cline

In the heart of my designs you will find type, and behind that type is a vast knowledge of all matter of lettering arts. Every letter of the alphabet has its own history and personality. I seek to give life to all matter of designs through the beauty of letters. But in script is where my true love resides. The nearly forgotten art of American Penmanship lives on through my art in the digital age and is where I can truly flourish.


Scott Dollenmeyer

Presenting Bad Vibes, a record company based out of Virginia Beach, Va. Bad Vibes offers a website and packaged music merchandise to supply the listener with all the sounds from the label however they would like to enjoy it.  You can also decorate your room with Bad Vibes posters and several stickers offered for any of your personal objects or placement. Any advertisement seen by Bad Vibes will direct you straight to the Bad vibes home page where you can find all our newest music and releases.


Amelia Epling

My work is a representation of being passionate about dogs. I originally approached this as a way to make merchandise for my dog. However, the more I worked it ended up turning into a memorial to him. The photos are the final snapshots I have of him before he passed so this is a nice send off to my best friend.


Taylor Exum

I always said art platforms have zero limits. There is not a right or wrong answer on how art should look, be conveyed, or interpreted. Even though I am more than capable than creating a client’s vision that meets their expectations, I also take pride in designing work that aligns with my personal style. My work has bright colors and abstract shapes to create the space. One of my favorite aesthetics is Pop Art. Pop Art is home to psychedelic designs, colors, and shapes. It shows excitement, humor, and nostalgia. These are the type of emotions I want my work to evoke. 


Zachariah Fleming

For my final project I wanted to use as many of the skills that I had learned over the past 3 years as possible. I also wanted to base the project around something that I was really passionate about and knew like the back of my hand. As I pondered this I looked up at my desk and saw the LEGO Mech I had built a few moths prior. I was off to the races. I had my theme and product right in front of me. All that was left was to make the object the product came in. Overall, I am happy with the results and wish I could have made these into physical boxes.


Kendall Hale

Every moment left idle is the perfect moment to daydream about worlds and characters just beyond your fingertips. Utilizing my daydreams–and my pencil–I decided to write and illustrate stories about characters that kept coming to mind. Both Rascal Raccoon and The Magic Hat, and Tiger Lawyer, are silly stories meant to make people laugh and smile. The book and the comic are made with love and childlike wonder; the motive being the desire to give back to all of the creators and people in my life who have brought a smile to my face, or a laugh.


Katie Hayes

Illustrative line art and collages inspire me and my style of artwork. Art allows me to communicate what I can’t speak. A quote by Cesar A. Cruz says, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” As an artist, this quote hits home because art allows an expression of sentiments and thoughts some of us can’t say out loud and can be that outlet for emotions or a wild imagination. Creating something others can look at and relate to is a feeling that I treasure. If only one other person looks at my art and can feel something from it, then it was worth it.


Nick Huber

Digital painting and advertising prints are the biggest themes in my portfolio of work. Much of my style was adapted from years of being a fine artist who worked with ink. In many of the prints there are sharp lines, edges and bold colors usually in cool tones. These are all elements that came from my childhood of living on the coast and my focus in drawing. 


Rachael Inzinna

Using a blend of perspectives that involve the creative and technical sides in design, my work involves imparting a clear message for the viewer to be able to follow, while keeping it simple. I create in a way in which each element can stand on its own with space around it by using contrast. I emphasize the use of plenty of white space to create hierarchy that is simple to follow. One goal that I strive for all my work to convey is how to tell the story in the most straightforward way possible.


Kristy Johnson

What makes my art me, is that it significantly shows representation of who I am now, and how I’ve grown. It shows a person who takes pride in her nationality and embraces her culture. My creative work includes drawings, digital paintings, and 3D sculpting. Being from NY, had a major impact in my interest of street art and Graffiti. My style of art is a mix between conceptual art and modern art. My art can be identified as a conceptual art because throughout each piece I have many messages and ideas embedded within them. Each line I draw is designed to portray an emotion, an emotion bigger than myself.


Zach Martin

I take a lot of influence from Paul Rand. I love the modern and sleek design aesthetic. With a lot of my logo and print design, I like to use grid systems and sans-serif fonts to pertain to a modern design. One thing that I find unique about my style is that I like to mix the use of textures in with a modern design. I work for the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Radford creating posters and multimedia designs for certain events around campus. This is where I like to mix texture with a modern design. I am always learning new techniques and coming up with new ideas in design. I am very excited to see where the future takes me.


Alice McNeil

Utilizing my knowledge of Coral Reefs and drive to educate on a more sustainable life, ReefRelief examines the importance of coral reefs in our lives. My work is a simulated non-profit website that includes a blog, shop, and educational tools. By creating a fun and colorful site I hope to grab people’s attention and create an easy tool to help them learn.


Marcus Reed

Picture this incident in your head about seeing things such as images, colors and feeling different vibes with textures you touch. Now, imagine telling everyone around you so that they too can notice the things that you see and feel. Only to find out that no one sees or feels or even understands the things that you do! Because you are actually a little color blind and the colors that you do see there are no names for them, and you mix them up. That is why my art and anything that I design is so robust and vivid with life. Bringing the dynamic side of myself into my designs so anything that I make will leave viewers in awe. 


Alexis Robinson

Evoking emotion in the viewers of my design is the main goal. My vision is to create works of art that are unique to my style and would be easily recognized as my own. It is important to me that viewers of my work will be intrigued in what they are seeing and would be prompted to see more. I usually look for feedback when my work is being viewed because I am always striving to better myself as an artist.


Emily Scallan

Being a designer for me means discovering and exploring what solutions go best with any problem. My entire life I have always expressed myself through art, whether it involved dancing or simply sketching. In my life I never truly knew what I was supposed to do. Design has given me the creative freedom to express without many restrictions. The uncertainty can be daunting, but there is a harmony to all the chaos. When I look at my past work, I see the journey filled with memories and hard work leading up to endless deadlines. My love for design comes more from the action instead of the results.


Lauren Slough

Man’s Best Friend is an understatement, dogs are so much more… They are family. My muse for this entire project was my four legged best friend, Gunther, that paved the way for designing and creating a project that comes from the heart. Dogs are there when you are sad, happy and even angry so why not bring them along as you try Mutt Brewing Co.’s incredible combinations that will leave you and your pup wondering who thought of these!


Rachel Wilbourne

Throughout my life, I have found that my favorite way to express my feelings is through my designs. My life wouldn’t be the same without art, and I am so glad to be growing and learning in my practice. I am especially drawn towards darker themes, such as cryptids and witchcraft. However, I love incorporating cute elements into my designs that feature these themes. Within my designs, I hope to perfectly incorporate these flavors in ways that make people smile and are aesthetically appealing. Weird, quirky, and unique things are my favorite, and I hope that this is translated through my designs.