MFA Show Spring 2020

Our Spring 2020 Master of Fine Arts exhibition featuring the work of Samantha Dougherty, Reilly Gordon, and Melissa Schappell.


My work speaks louder- the message that nature whispers. My thought process involves thorough investigation of unaltered environments.


Utilizing a feminist perspective, the work reexamines often disempowering fashion items and turns them into their paradoxical form, in an effort to empower women using the very tools designed to oppress them. My work uses portraits and the female figure to promote discussion on transforming items into metaphorical versions of amor.


Expectations are personal beliefs about something that may happen in the future and they can shape our opinions, behaviors, choices, and actions. My work explores this area of psychology as well as human systems of communication via the semiotics of symbolism, signs, metaphor, and storytelling.