Drew Dodson


Ceramics, Associate Professor

M.F.A., Ceramics, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Email: dtdodson@radford.edu



I am an associate professor of art at Radford University where I have taught for the past 12 years.
Prior to coming to Radford University, I taught at Maine’s Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in the art outreach program. Before I discovered my passion for teaching, I was fortunate to study with many talented art professors. They were strong role models for me, and they showed me how to use art as a means of self-expression. Everyday, I strive to help my students experience the joy and fulfillment of this self-expression through creating unique art in clay.


The forms that I most like to create are bulbous and round. I am constantly striving to achieve a continuous, uninterrupted curve or line that carries the eye around and through the piece. It is important to me that the outer surface design achieves a harmonious relationship with the form and vice versa.

When I create something on the potter’s wheel, the inside of the form determines what the outside can possibly become.  The space inside the vase is equally important to its outer surface:  the piece becomes a container of form.