Cheng Fen Yeh, M.F.A.


Drawing and Watercolor, Adjunct Assistant Professor

B.S., Campbell University
M.S., Radford University
M.F.A., Radford University



Cheng Fen Yeh was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. For as long as she can remember, she has drawn and painted. To her, art is a natural part of life. Even though her parents told her, “Art cannot put food on the table,” she has continued to pursue art as a career, never doubting that it could be done.

She was admitted to a three-year-commercial art program in high school in Taipei. From the first day she started art school, she wanted to pursue painting and drawing as her life-long career. She was trained and taught both in traditional Chinese ink painting and Western type painting. Chinese ink painting training provided her with a solid foundation for watercolors. Those two styles have many of the similar painting tools, methods and blend well. She has favored watercolors as her primary painting medium. Their luminous transparency qualities and the fluidity of the medium give the painting a thrilling characteristic.

She received a B.S. Degree in art from Campbell University in North Carolina, a M.S. Degree in art and a M. F. A. Degree in drawing and painting at Radford University in Virginia. She developed her artistic skills and knowledge under the instruction of Professor Z. L. Feng, currently a professor of art at Radford University.

Cheng Fen’s painting is an adapting eastern training to western styles. She incorporates her early youth training in Chinese brush painting into her Western-styles landscapes, still-life and portraits and finds that confident, energetic brushwork serves any painting well. It crosses the boundaries of both Eastern and Western art. This blend has given her a focus and career path to pursue.

Currently, she is the member artist at The Market Gallery of Roanoke, Virginia and resides in Radford, Virginia.