Andrew Ross, M.F.A.


Photography, Assistant Professor

M.F.A., Studio Art - Photography
Florida State University




Andrew Ross received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Florida State University and his Bachelor or Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His photographic experience spans 30 years – from the initial wonders of black & white film and darkroom work in his teenage years, through many years as a freelance commercial photographer, to now focusing on the fine art aspects of medium- and large-format film photography.  Ross has taught at schools in Florida, North Carolina, and now Virginia, as well as in China (where he was named an Honorary Professor in Art at Taiyuan Normal University) and Italy (as the recipient of Florida State University’s Florence, Italy Teaching Fellowship).

 “Through my photography, I explore the boundary between vision and perception, seeing and imagining, the real and the remembered.  The images I create are both an inward journey and an outward expression, as I look for my place in society, society's role within my life, and the significance of my presence along the timeline of history.”