Prominent Alumni News

Pum Lefebure ( was recently voted one of the most influential graphic designers working today by GD USA, a respected graphic design site.

Zach Bush's ( work has been featured in publications such as Advanced Photoshop Magazine and is currently working with BLT Communications ( in Hollywood, California, media marketers for the film, TV, and video game industry. 

David Hodge ( has won over 200 awards from creative and marketing based organizations, including the Silver Medal, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Advertising Federation.

Catherine Bare who teaches drawing and painting at Crossland High School in Temple Hills, Md., won an award for Outstanding Educator in her high school this year.

Aaron Forrester is both an alum and a current grad student. In his role as alum, he owns Enigma Photography in Radford.

Missy Muslami Lattimore owns Straight Up Creative in Machipongo VA.

Bill Fisher is a prominent artist who exhibits in New Jersey, Boston and New York.

Alan Fisher retired as the Chair of the University of South Dakota. He came into an inheritance and now works on commissions (sculpture).

Tom Crowther is making a name for himself in Georgia and teaching.

Robin Boucher is the art director of the Perspective Gallery at Virginia Tech.