The Radford University Art Museum system comprises five gallery spaces: The Art Museum at the Covington Center, Porterfield Gallery, the Art Museum on Tyler and two satellite galleries located in Muse Hall and Tyler Hall. Admission is free.

"Leaves of the Tree" & "More Leaves of the Tree"

9/23 - 11/7



"Leaves of the Tree" and "More Leaves of the Tree" exhibits run through November 7, 2020. Off campus visitors will need to fill out the Radford University Visitor's Form to view the exhibits. Don't miss out on the walking path between the exhibits featuring significant trees on Radford University's campus.

Leaves of the Tree Walking Path

map of walking path between two exhibits

"Leaves of the Tree" and "More Leaves of the Tree" will feature a walking path between the two exhibits that highlights a variety of trees and a leaf labyrinth for exhibit attendees to enjoy.

1) Sugar Maple

2) Little-leaf Linden

3) Japanese Zelkova

4) American Holly

5) Norway Spruce

6) Fountain surrounded by Sugar Maples

7) Flowering Dogwood

8) White Basswood (National Champion)

9) Lacebark Elm

10) American Beech

11) Saucer Magnolia

12) Tulip Poplar or Yellow Poplar

13) Hawthorne

14) Southern Magnolia

15) Willow Oak

16) Red Maple

17) Pin Oak

18) Crape Myrtle

A walkthrough of "Leaves of the Tree" currently on exhibit at the Art Museum in the Covington Center.



A walkthrough of "More Leaves of the Tree" currently featured in the gallery at 214 Tyler Avenue.

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