CVPA Ambassadors



The College of Visual and Performing Arts Ambassadors are an elite group of selected students, who represent the college at events and work to promote the arts. CVPA Ambassadors are campus leaders who act as liaisons communicating the talents within the college to the rest of campus and to potential new students. They strive to advocate for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Radford University, and the importance of an education in the arts. 

2022-23 CVPA Ambassadors Officers


Meagan Cox, President  (Theater)

Hudson Crowe, Vice President  (Music)

Rose Collins, Secretary  (Theater)

Lauren Santa, Secretary Elect (Art)

Queen, Treasurer  (Theater)

Riley Jarrells, Historian (Music Therapy)

Luc White, Photographer  (Art/Biology)

Current CVPA Ambassadors

Chris Allen (Interior Design/Entreprenuership)
Frey Bendele (Theater)
Nick Boksa (Art Education)
Annie Bolte (Theater)
Erica Campos (Design)
Dylan DeLuca (Art)
Onajae Edmund (Dance)
Patrick Hurt (Music/Theater)
Riley Jarrells (Music Therapy)
Shanell Jordan-McCain (Interior Design)
Paige Lake (Dance/Production Technology)
Em Lamb (Fashion Design)
Rachael Linkous (Graphic Design)

Sarah Lindsay Merriman (Theater/Music)
Olivia Nargi (Dance/Psychology)
Queen (Theater)
Megan Reed (Theater)
Beth Shelor (Music)
Owen Tidd (Dance)
Kenz Thomas (Dance)
Amaya Williams (Dance/Psychology)
Dillon Wilson (Music Therapy)
Meridythe Witt (Dance/Music)
Emily Woods (Graphic Design)
Christian Worley (Music/Psychology)