CAS Testing - Faculty

The CAS Test Proctoring  Center and Testing Coordinator work to advocate for equal access in the testing environment, while also supporting faculty in maintaining fair standards.

The Testing Coordinator will follow an instructor’s statement on how the exam should be proctored for a student. Therefore, it is important that faculty provide timely and relevant information that you want CAS and/or the student to know regarding the assessment. 

Test Proctoring Request Approval Process

Approving a Test Proctoring Request
Once a student has submitted a Test Proctoring Request, the instructor will receive an email notifying them of the student’s request. Faculty may review a student’s pending Test Proctoring Request by logging into the Access CAS  Faculty Portal (Found through OneCampus).

How to approve a pending Proctoring Request

  1. Go to OneCampus and open your Access CAS account homepage
  2. Select the Courses tab on the left-hand side
  3. Search by semester
  4. Scroll and select the appropriate course.
  5. Select the Student Proctoring Request tab across the top of the page.  Please note, you should be on the Pending subtab.
  6. Select the student’s name to open the request and please complete the form in its entirety.
  7. Once complete, select SUBMIT.  

It is the instructor’s responsibility to deliver the test/exam to CAS offices 2 business days prior to student’s testing time.

Requests that you have approved can be found under the Approved tab. Requests that need your attention are under the Pending tab.

If a student tells you that a Proctoring Request has been submitted, but you have not received an email, please check the Access CAS portal. 


Information Faculty Should Provide

  • Include how long other students in the class will have to take the quiz, test, and/or exam.
  • Include any materials a student may have with them in the testing environment.
  • Make note if students are given breaks between parts of the exam, indicate what behaviors are acceptable during break times (studying, computer time, restroom/water break only, etc).
  • Include how you want the assessment returned; either by email or instructor will pick up test in person. 


If an Instructor Does Not Approve a Student's Test Proctoring Accommodation - CAS is Unable to Proctor
All exams proctored by the Center for Accessibility Services are done at the discretion of the instructor. The Center for Accessibility Services provides space and proctoring services if the instructor is unable to provide the approved testing accommodations in the classroom or other monitored space. However, the Center for Accessibility Services cannot proctor an assessment without the cooperation of the instructor.

The CAS Test Proctoring Center depends on instructors monitoring their students'  Test Proctoring Requests and approving these requests in a timely manner. If the request is not acted upon and the test is not received 2 business days before the student's requested test date the CAS Test Proctoring Center may not be able to proctor and the test may need to be rescheduled according to the instructor's discretion.

If the student submitted their Proctoring Request within the five day window requested and the instructor did not provide the Center with Accessibility Services with the necessary information to proctor the exam, the instructor may either proctor the exam on their own, providing the approved accommodations, or provide the information and test to the CAS Test Proctoring Center and reschedule the test. The exam and information needed to proctor the exam should be emailed to the CAS Test Proctoring Center at

Instructors should email or call 540. 831. 6069 with any questions or concerns regarding this procedure. 

Test Submission and Return

Submitting Assessments to CAS
Assessments should be provided to the Center for Accessibility Services two business days prior to the date of the student’s requested test date. The Test Proctoring Center may be unable to proctor the assessment without the instructor's approved Test Proctoring Request and a copy of the test. Instructors are welcome to work with the student to provide the accommodations or to reschedule the assessment at the Test Proctoring Center for a later date.

Assessments may be uploaded to Access CAS and submitted when the faculty member approves/edits the Test Proctoring Request. Assessments may be emailed to the CAS Test Proctoring Center at, or assessments may be hand-delivered to the CAS front office (Russell 325) by the instructor. Please note that students are not allowed to deliver their own exams to the CAS front office. 


Returning Completed Assessments to Instructors
Assessments will be returned to instructors in the manner indicated on the approved Test Proctoring Request. Assessments may be scanned and emailed directly to the instructor's Radford University email address, or instructors may pick up the hard copy of the exam from the CAS front office. Please note that students are not allowed to deliver their completed exams to the instructor. 

Accommodations and Tools

Calculating Extra time for Assessments
The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) position for persons who receive extra time on an Assessment due to a diagnosed disability and registered with CAS offices is as follows:

The increase in testing time a student with a disability receives is based on the assessment time that the remainder of the class receives. This means CAS will be accommodating the extra time based on the time that was afforded to other students in the class to complete the assessment.

For example, if the class is given 45 minutes and the CAS student has 50% extra time accommodations, then the testing time given to the CAS student is 68 minutes. 

At this time OCR does not support universal design concept with assessments.
For example, an assessment takes two hours, but professor provides the class fours for the assessment (trying to
accommodate everyone in the class) then the CAS student with the 50% extra time would receive 6 hours – not the 4 hours the professor provided “to cover everyone”.


Proctoring Online or D2L Assessments
If an exam is given online Testing accommodations may still apply. If an exam or quiz has a time restriction, extended time accommodations apply. (i.e. all students in the course have X number of minutes or hours to complete the exam, a student with extended time would receive the original amount of time plus the time granted by accommodation).

If an exam is scheduled to be taken as a take home exam and completed over several days, extended time accommodations would not apply—as there is not a set number of hours or minutes in which all students must complete the exam. In a take home exam setting where there is no set time limit, the student is responsible for managing their time.

The Center for Accessibility Services understands that not all environments are conducive for reduced-distraction testing. Regardless of whether a test is online or in-person, a student with reduced distraction as an accommodation may request to take their exam with the Center for Accessibility Services. 


Testing with Accessible Technology Accommodations
Whether a student is using text-to-speech technology, dictation software, math software, or other Assistive Technology, Assistive Technology can create an equal, meaningful, and competitive testing experience for a student with a disability. Students with Assistive Technology accommodations for testing are welcome to complete their exam, using approved Assistive Technology, in the Center for Accessibility Services.

If a student is using Assistive Technology for an online exam in their home, or other location of their choosing, the student is encouraged to contact the Center for Accessibility Services for training on specific software two weeks (10 business days) prior to the requested date of the exam. Students taking exams that require the use of a lockdown browser (i.e. Tophat, Proctor U, Respondus) should contact the Center for Accessibility Services to determine if a specific lockdown browser will impede the function of a particular Assistive Technology device/software. Should there be a concern regarding the functionality of Assistive Technology and a lockdown browser, the Center for Accessibility Services will contact the course instructor to collaborate regarding alternatives.


Respondus Lockdown Browser and the Reading Software Accommodation
Exams can still be proctored using Respondus Lockdown browser—and Read and Write text to speech software. You are encouraged to share the Read and Write Respondus Lockdown Instructions, linked below, with your student if they are using Read and Write software and Respondus.

Instructions for using Read and Write and Respondus Lockdown Browser, webpage, (opens in new window)

If there is a concern regarding how a student’s approved assistive technology will interact with Respondus, the Testing Coordinator will contact you.


Pop Quizzes
While some instructors may prefer to give pop quizzes or exams with little notice, this practice may run counter to an access need. If an instructor is not comfortable sharing the dates of a pop quiz or exam with the student, the instructor is encouraged to collaborate with the Center for Accessibility Services regarding how access may be provided in these situations.

Procedures and Academic Integrity Measures

Students Unable to Submit a Test Proctoring Request
Students requesting to take an assessment with the CAS Test Proctoring Center are asked to submit a Test Proctoring Request via Access CAS. The Proctoring Request should be submitted five (5) days prior to the date of the scheduled exam. If the student’s requested test date is less than five days from the date the appointment is made, Access CAS will automatically show that no spaces are available for proctoring. If you are unable to provide a 5 day advanced notice of a test or quiz, contact the CAS Test Proctoring Center to make arrangements for your students with test taking accommodations by emailing or calling the CAS office at 540-831-6350.


Student Late Arrival and Punctuality

  • If students to show up 15 minutes late for an assessment, CAS will allow them to take their scheduled test but not be able to make up the 15 minutes they were late.
  • If the student does not want to begin the test with the time left on their room reservation, the student may ask that the Testing Coordinator contact their instructor to request a rescheduled testing time. It is up to you, the instructor, the instructor as to whether the exam can be rescheduled for a later time.
  • Students arriving 20 minutes or more late for their testing appointment will have their space reservation cancelled and their exam will not be proctored. Any rescheduling of a missed exam is at the discretion of the instructor. 


Exam Rescheduling with CAS
The CAS Office will not reschedule an exam without explicit instructor permission. If you allow the student to take the exam later, we are happy to assist you, if we have the time, space, and staff available. To reschedule f you allow a reschedule, the student should submit a new Proctoring Request via Access CAS or speak with the Testing Coordinator as soon as possible. The instructor is not required to allow the student to reschedule an assessment if the student did not submit the initial Proctoring Request in time. 


CAS Measures to Ensure Academic Integrity
CAS strives to assist instructors and the student in upholding the university’s values. All testing environments are monitored by a closed-circuit camera system. Students leave any materials they do not need with them in the testing environment in the CAS front office. However, should a breach of academic integrity occur, the exam will be stopped and the instructor will be immediately notified. Further action is at the instructor’s discretion.