Student Agreement

CAS Students who are requesting accommodations for the current semester, agree and understand the following regarding the receiving and use of accommodations. 

It is understood:

  • Each semester, the student will submit a request to use their accommodations through the CAS online system, ACCESS CAS. 
  • The student is responsible for contacting each instructor to schedule a time to meet and discuss semester accommodations in a timely manner. (We ask students to meet with professors/instructors as part of learning to be a self-advocate, but at any time, the student or faculty would like an access specialist from CAS to attend the meeting with them we would certainly be part of the process.)
  •  Once student meets with Instructor(s), discusses the accommodations, and agree, both student and instructor must electronically sign the Access Plan
  •  Accommodations are not in place until BOTH the student and the instructor have met and agreed to the accommodations and e-signed the Access Plan.
  •  Accommodations are not retroactive, but can be requested at any time in the semester, and for any course type.
  •  All materials acquired through accommodations are for the student's use only. Students will not copy, duplicate, distribute or alter the materials received. This includes any type of recordings and/or class transcripts. 
  • CAS approved accommodations remove barriers to learning and are required.
  • Instructors may provide additional accommodations, but these would not be viewed as “required”.
  •  If it is determined that a student is using an accommodation inappropriately (i.e. sharing audio recordings with others) the accommodation can and may be revoked for the rest of the semester for a course. The student would be notified if such actions were being considered.
  •  Students are qualified for accommodations based on best practices, a student interview and supporting documentation. The Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) accepts COPIES of documentation only (no originals). Under some circumstances, students understand they may be required to submit additional documentation to support requests.
  • If at any time a student feels he/she may need additional/new or modified accommodations the student should schedule an appointment with their CAS Access Specialist to discuss.

             Accommodations and services are made available by following CAS policies and procedures.

For questions about ACCESS CAS or CAS services, please contact CAS at 540-831-6350, or stop by the CAS office at 325 Russell Hall.