Alternate Texts

The alternate text format accommodation assists students with disabilities that significantly affect reading or comprehension. A students who qualify for this accommodation can request required textbooks and other class text materials in a format that assists in overcoming limitations caused by a disability. Some examples of alternate text formats include large print, electronic formats, audio, and braille.

Students registered with the Center for Accessibilty Services (CAS) must work with their disability services specialist to determine if they qualify for the alternate text format accommodation.

Alternate Text Process Using ACCESS CAS

  • Log into ACCESS CAS  (MyRu>Academics>Academic Tools>ACCESS CAS)
  • From the items listed at the top, select "Alternative Format"
  • Click on "Current" tab (current semester)
  • Click on "Student Entered" tab
  • Slect the "Request Textbooks in Alternative Format" button at the bottom
  • A new page will pop up.  Complete this page and fill in the following information:

Semester (required)

Select course (required)

ISBN (required)

Title (required)



  • Proof of Purchase (Upload receipts here if available.  Students can submit this form before buying the book)
  • Select the type of alternative formate (Required.  A format is not guaranteed)
  • If you would like this textbook in MORE THAN ONE FORMAT (Example: PDF and Audio) click on the "Request this Book in More Than One Format" button
  • There is a "Notes" section for you in case you would like to leave a comment
  • Click the "Submit" button


Students are Encouraged To

  • Investigate alternate text resources including Learning Ally and Bookshare.
  • Submit alternate text requests forms four weeks before classes begin as the CAS often must contact publishers and other organizations to locate alternate formats.

Center for Accessibility Services Responsibilities

  1. Receive alternate text request form
  2. Ensure a proof of purchase has been provided
  3. Process alternate text requests on a first come, first serve basis. (request forms will be dated upon submission)
  4. Locate alternate formats for each request. Communicate with student regarding any issues in locating alternate formats
  5. The CAS will process alternate text requested within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the proof of purchase. Delivery of alternate formats depends upon the availability of electronic format and publisher response.
  6. Notify student when items are available. The CAS will make every attempt to provide the format requested by students. (CAS must receive the proof of purchase from students before providing the alternate format.)
  7. If alternate formats are not available, students may provide the CAS with their purchased textbook. CAS will unbound, scan and rebind the student’s book to create an alternate format. The Center for Accessibility Services will not cut and scan rented books. While this service is at no charge for the student, the textbook will be “altered” and may not be accepted for buy back from bookstores.