Alternate Texts Format Request Form

The alternate text format accommodation enables students with print related disabilities to access text in alternate formats (ex., braille, large font, electronic, audio).

To receive the alternate text format accommodation, a student must be registered with the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) and have met with a CAS Disability Services Specialist to confirm that the student qualifies for this accommodation.

*Students should check book distributors for e-books with text to speech or audio books before requesting alternate formats from the CAS. (ex. Bookshare, Amazon, Audible, Learning Ally)

To receive alternate text formats:

  • Complete and submit this alternate text request form.
  • Provide proof of purchase/rental to the CAS

To assist the CAS in locating alternate formats in a timely manner

  • Submit the alternate text requests forms four weeks before classes begin
  • Do not wait until purchasing textbooks to submit your alternate text needs

Required fields are marked with an *

Student Information


Textbook Format

The Center for Accessibility Services most often provides electronic formats such as PDFs, Word documents or audio files. Specific alternate format are not guaranteed.


Textbook or class material information

Complete the information for each book you require in an alternate format.

Book #1


Book #2


Book #3


Book #4


Book #5


Book #6


Proof of Purchase/Rental*

Due to copyright law, students must provide a proof of purchase/rental to the Center for Accessibility Services for each book requested in an alternate text format.

Options for providing proof of purchase/rental:

Upload image:
  • Scan and attach to an email to 
  • Fax to 540-831-6525
  • Mail a copy to: Center for Accessibility Services, PO Box 6902, Radford, Virginia 24142
  • Other:

Terms & Conditions

  • I will comply with the Copyright Revision Act of 1976, as amended (17 U.S.C SEC 101 et. Seq.) and not copy, duplicate, distribute or alter the materials received through this accommodation for any purpose. Alternate text formats are for my personal use only.
  • Alternate text formats will be destroyed or returned to the Center for Accessibility Services if I am no longer in possession of the original textbook (i.e., if the original is sold, traded or rented).
  • If my alternate text needs change (ex., a book is added for a class, a book is no longer needed), I will contact the Center for Accessibility Services immediately.
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For support with the alternate text format accommodation, contact the Center for Accessibility Services at or 540-831-6350.