Use the forms below to make requests for accommodations, test proctoring, and other Center for Accessibility Services services (CAS).

*Download and save the form to your computer before completing. Email the completed form to


* One method to save the above writable PDF forms in order to send them via email to our office, includes:

1. Instead of clicking on the “Save” option, go to “File”—then “Print”

2. A dialog box will appear with a listing of printers in the “Name” drop down box. The following types can be selected, if available.

  • Adobe PDF – (will save the file as a pdf)
  • PDFCreator- (will save the file as a pdf)
  • Microsoft Office Document Image Writer- (will save the file as a .tiff image)
  • Microsoft XPS Document Writer – (will save the file as an .xps image)
  • OneNote- (will save as a OneNote file)

3. Once the preferred printer name is selected, click on the “OK” button and a dialog box will appear with save options. Follow the save options as you would to save any file.