Report Accessibility Barriers

Radford University is committed to equal access and will make every effort to remove barriers to our academic programs, University sponsored events, web content and University grounds by providing proper and timely maintenance and encouraging universal design.

Barriers can include an inaccessible website, inoperative or missing automatic door button, inoperative elevator, need for curb cut, lack of accessible parking, a blocked ramp, etc.

If you would like to report a barrier please contact the Center for Accessibility Services at 540-831-6350. Emails are also welcome and can be sent to  For emergencies, call the Radford University Police Department at 540-831-5500.

You are asked to provide the following information:

  • Are you a student, faculty/staff, or visitor?
  • What barrier exists? Please provide details such as the location of the barrier, when you encountered the barrier and any other details you believe to be helpful.
  • Please attach a photo to an email if possible.
  • Your contact information: Your name, email and phone number.

Submission of this information does not constitute a formal complaint, grievance, or workplace accommodation. Its intent is to assist in identifying and addressing barriers to access. Radford University will respond to the barrier in a timely manner.