ACCESS CAS Information


ACCESS CAS is the online software the CAS office uses to communicate accommodations to students, faculty, and university services as needed.

Students will use ACCESS CAS to:

  • View access plans
  • Request accommodations each semsester
  • Make appointments with their CAS coordinator
  • Submit a test proctoring form to instructors
  • Receive note taking support services
  • Request further accommodations
  • Sign access plans after meeting with instructors

ACCESS CAS Step by Step Instructions for Students.

Apply for Services with the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS)

This application process is to be done only one time. Any questions or concerns can be directed to CAS by phone or email, please.

·       Go to the Center for Accessibility Services website (

·       Select the APPLY FOR SERVICES button located on the home page.

·       Select the drop-down menu: How to Apply for Services with CAS

·       Please read the important registration information found on this page, then select the hyperlinked text CAS Application for Services (

·       Complete this form in its entirety and upload any supporting documentation (if available)

·       Select SUBMIT

A CAS Coordinator will contact you by phone or Radford email to schedule an interview to discuss reasonable accommodations, and, if needed, create an Access Plan.

Log into the ACCESS CAS portal.

·       Go to the Radford University Website.

·       Select the button for OneCampus (on the top right).

·       Type ACCESS CAS in the search field.

·       Select the icon/tile titled Student-ACCESS CAS

You will be sent to the SSO log in page. Log in using your Radford username and password.

The ACCESS CAS home page for your account will appear.

Faculty will use ACCESS CAS to: 
  • View access plans
  • Sign access plans
  • Approving proctoring requests from students
  • Add a specific number for days that can be missed for the amended attendance accommodation