Access CAS Information


Students will use ACCESS CAS to:

  • View access plans
  • Request accommodations each semsester
  • Submit a test proctoring form to instructors
  • Receive notes from a volunteer note taker
  • Request further accommodations
  • Sign access plans after meeting with instructors

Click on the attached PDF for step-by-step instructions!

Faculty will use ACCESS CAS to: 
  • View access plans
  • Sign access plans
  • Approving proctoring requests from students
  • Add a specific number for days that can be missed for the amended attendace accommodation

Click on the attached PDF for step-by-step instructions!

ACCESS CAS videos for students

Students- How to View Notes

Students- Monitoring Proctoring Requests for Pending and Approved

Students- How to Submit a Proctoring Request

Students- How to Sign an Access Plan

Students- How to Request Accommodations Each Semester

Students- How to Register with ACCESS CAS

Students- How To Log Into ACCESS CAS

ACCESS CAS videos for faculty

Faculty- Navigating the Homepage

Faculty- How to Sign an Access Plan

Faculty- How to log into ACCESS CAS

Faculty- Editing an Approved Proctoring Request

Faculty- Approving a Proctoring Request

Faculty- Approving a Proctoring Request

Faculty- Alternate Strategies for Accommodations

Faculty- How to Check Notes

ACCESS CAS videos for note takers

Volunteer Note Takers- How to Upload Notes