CAS Testing Faculty

The CAS Testing Center and Testing Coordinator work to advocate for equal access in the testing environment, while also supporting faculty in maintaining fair standards.

The Testing Coordinator will follow an instructor’s statement on how the exam should be proctored for a student. Therefore, it is important that faculty provide timely and relevant information that you want CAS and/or the student to know regarding the assessment. 

How Do Faculty Approve a Proctoring Request:

Once a student has submitted a Proctoring Request, the instructor should receive an email notifying him/her/them of the student’s request. Faculty may review a student’s pending Proctoring Request by logging into the Access CAS  Faculty Portal (Found through OneCampus). Select the course the Proctoring Request is for, select “ Student Proctoring Requests,” to see any pending requests, select “Pending.” Select the student’s name, found under the “Pending” tab. Fill out the form that pops up after you have selected the student’s name.

Any proctoring requests that you have approved can be found under the “Approved” tab. 

If a student tells you that a Proctoring Request has been submitted, but you have not received an email, please check the Access CAS portal. 

What Information Should Faculty Include on my Approval of the Proctoring Request?

  • Include how long other students in the class will have to take the quiz, test, and/or exam.
  • Include any materials a student may have with them in the testing environment.
  • Make note if students are given breaks between parts of the exam, indicate what behaviors are acceptable during break times (studying, computer time, restroom/water break only, etc).
  • Include how you want the assessment returned; either by email or instructor will pick up test in person. 

When and How should the Assessment Arrive to CAS offices?

Assessments should be provided to the Center for Accessibility Services two business days prior to the date of the student’s requested test date. If you, the instructor, are unable to provide your test two business days in advance of the test date, please contact CAS as soon as possible. If the test is not received by the time the student arrives to take the exam, the Testing Coordinator will try to contact you, but we may not be able to proctor the exam.

Assessments may be uploaded to Access CAS and submitted when the faculty member approves/edits the Proctoring Request. Assessments may be emailed to the Testing Coordinator at, or assessments may be hand-delivered to the CAS front office (Russell 325) by the instructor. Please note that students are not allowed to deliver their own exams to the CAS front office. 

When and How will a Completed Assessment Be Returned to Instructor?

Assessments will be returned to you in the manner indicated on the approved proctoring request. Assessments may be scanned and emailed directly to your Radford University email address, or you may pick up the hard copy of the exam from the CAS front office. Please note that students are not allowed to deliver their completed exams to the instructor. 

Can Tests on D2L Be Taken with CAS?

Yes, but students with accommodations are not required to take exams proctored through D2L with our office. While we are happy to proctor, if all students may determine where they take the exam, students with accommodations must be given that same choice.

Can Students with Text to Speech Accommodations Still Use Respondus?

Exams can still be proctored using Respondus Lockdown browser—and Read and Write text to speech software will interact with Respondus. You are encouraged to share the Read and Write Respondus Lockdown Instructions, linked below, with your student if they are using Read and Write software and Respondus.

Instructions for using Read and Write and Respondus Lockdown Browser, webpage, (opens in new window)

If there is a concern regarding how a student’s approved assistive technology will interact with Respondus, the Testing Coordinator will contact you.

What if a Student Shows Up Late to an Assessment?

·         We allow students to show up to 15 minutes late for an assessment, but they are not given extra time off their original test time with CAS.

·          If a student is 20 minutes late (or more), the student may choose to take the assessment in the time left on their room reservation. (If the student has requested a testing room from 2:00-3:00, but shows up at 2:30, the student still has 30 minutes left on the room reservation.

·         If the student does not want to begin the test with the time left on their room reservation, the student may ask that the Testing Coordinator contact their instructor to request a rescheduled testing time. It is up to you, the instructor, the instructor as to whether the exam can be rescheduled for a later time.

My Student Says They Can’t Submit a Proctoring Request. What’s Wrong?

Students requesting to take an assessment with the Center for Accessibility Services are asked to submit a Proctoring Request via Access CAS. The Proctoring Request should be submitted five (5) business days prior to the date of the scheduled exam. If the student’s requested test date is less than five business days from the date the appointment is made, Access CAS will automatically show that no spaces are available for proctoring. Late proctoring requests (made with less than 5 business days’ notice) must be submitted to the Testing Coordinator by 540. 831. 6350 or emailing

Can a Student Reschedule an Exam with CAS?

That’s up to you, the instructor! The CAS Office will not reschedule an exam without explicit instructor permission. If you allow the student to take the exam later, we are happy to assist you, if we have the time, space, and staff available. If you allow a reschedule, the student should submit a new Proctoring Request via Access CAS or speak with the Testing Coordinator as soon as possible. The instructor is not required to allow the student to reschedule an assessment if the student did not submit the initial Proctoring Request in time. 

How Does CAS Ensure Academic Integrity?

CAS strives to assist you and the student in upholding the university’s values. All testing environments are monitored by a closed-circuit camera system. Students leave any materials they do not need with them in the testing environment in the CAS front office. However, should a breach of academic integrity occur, the exam will be stopped and the instructor will be immediately notified. Further action is at the instructor’s discretion.