CAS Test Proctoring Center

The CAS Test Proctoring Center is available to assist faculty with providing test taking accommodations. Students with test taking accommodations can reserve a space in the Center to take their tests. 

  • Students will log into their ACCESS CAS account to submit a Proctoring Request.
  • Faculty will receive an email notification asking them to approve the students request, and provide any needed information. 
  • Please note that the Test Proctoring Office within the Center for Accessibility Services is for use by Radford University students taking courses on the Radford Main Campus.
  • Students associated with the Center for Accessibility Services but taking courses at Radford University Carilion in Roanoke should refer to the Radford Carilion Educational Testing Center (ETC) for test proctoring needs. Contact ETC at


The University Honor Pledge

The University Honor Pledge provides the foundation for a university community in which freedom, trust, and respect can prevail. In accepting admission to the University, each student makes a commitment to support and uphold the Honor Pledge without compromise or exception.

"I shall uphold the values and ideals of Radford University by engaging in responsible behavior and striving always to be accountable for my actions while holding myself and others to the highest moral and ethical standards of academic integrity and good citizenship as defined in the Standards."

Testing Requests

The Center for Accessibility Services asks that students submit Testing Requests five (5) business days prior to the requested date of the exam. The provision of advanced notice allows the Center for Accessibility Services to ensure adequate space, time, and staff to proctor the exam. Testing Requests should be submitted through Access CAS, which can be accessed via ONECAMPUS. Please note that while students should submit Testing Requests through Access CAS, the Testing Request will be sent to the course instructor-- who will either approve/decline the request. CAS staff members are not able to approve a Testing Request without instructor permission.

 If a student is unable to provide five (5) business days’ notice but would like to test with the Center for Accessibility Services, the student should notify their instructor and the Center for Accessibility Services as soon as possible. Testing Requests cannot be submitted through Access CAS without five business days’ notice. To submit a late Testing Request, the student must have the assistance of the Testing Coordinator in the Center for Accessibility Services. Please contact or 540-831-6350 to connect with our Testing Coordinator. Please note that after being submitted, all late Testing Requests are pending the approval of the course instructor.

Arriving late for a test

Students who arrive, at the CAS front office, room 325, after their scheduled exam time will have the amount of time they were late deducted from their overall time. 

*Time is not deducted for the time it takes to check a student in, put away their belongings, go over test instructions or walk to the testing space.

If a student arrives 20 minutes or more after their scheduled testing time (the time submitted to Access CAS and approved by the instructor), the student may either continue to take the exam in the time they have remaining or they may request that the instructor be contacted regarding a potential reschedule. Please note that it is up to the instructor to determine if the student can take the test at a later time. 

 Determination of whether an exam needs to be rescheduled due to late arrival may depend on instructor approval, testing space available, staff availability, and instructor direction. 

Late Testing Requests

 While late testing requests may be submitted with the assistance of the Testing Coordinator, each late request is considered on a case-by-case basis. Contacting the Testing Coordinator is not a guarantee that a late request will be submitted. 

The feasibility of a late Testing Request may be based on the amount of notice given to the Center for Accessibility Services, if the exam will occur during normal business hours, the physical space available in the CAS testing area, and if the instructor is able to get the exam to the CAS office in a reasonable time frame.

If a late request is submitted on behalf of the student by the Testing Coordinator, the final decision is that of the instructor. After the Test Request is proposed by the Testing Coordinator, the instructor will determine if the information in the Testing Request is reasonable and correct (i.e. the length of time that other students in the course receive on the exam, materials allowed in the testing room, etc.)

If an instructor approves the late Testing Request, it is the responsibility of the instructor to provide the exam itself, any materials needed to complete the exam, and instructions to the CAS regarding how to proctor the exam.

If an instructor does not send the exam/testing materials within 24 hours of the requested exam date/time, the CAS office may be unable to proctor the exam.

All students requesting to take an assessment with the Center for Accessibility Services should submit a Proctoring Request. Students arriving at the CAS office to take an exam without having submitted a Proctoring Request through Access CAS or notified the Testing Coordinator of the need for assistance submitting a Proctoring Request may not be accommodated. 

Avoiding Late Testing Requests

The Center for Accessibility Services staff understands that things happen, and a late request may be inevitable. However, to minimize the chance of needing to submit a late Testing Request, the CAS Office suggests:

·         Inputting all your testing dates into the Access CAS system as soon as you receive your syllabi.

·         Notifying your instructor of your need to submit a Testing Request five business days in advance of the exam date. While some instructors may prefer to give pop quizzes or exams with little notice, this practice may run counter to an access need. If an instructor is not comfortable sharing the dates of a pop quiz or exam with the student, the instructor is encouraged to collaborate with the Center for Accessibility Services regarding how access may be provided in these situations.

Rescheduling a Test

A student may request to change the date/time of their scheduled exam via Access CAS. However, any requests for rescheduling must be approved by the instructor prior to the requested exam date. The Center for Accessibility Services cannot approve a rescheduled exam date without the instructor’s permission, but CAS staff is happy to assist in proctoring the exam, if the reschedule is approved by the instructor. In the event that a test cannot be proctored in the Center for Accessibility Services due to the lateness of a Testing Request, the student may request that the instructor consider allowing him/her/them to take the test at a later date/time with the Center for Accessibility Services or the student may choose to take the exam without accommodations—and at the same time, place, and with the same time frame as his/her/their peers.

Emergency Circumstances

If a student is unwell and unable to take their exam at their scheduled time, the student should contact their instructor and the Center for Accessibility Services as soon as they are physically able to do so. Students who are experiencing COVID symptoms should follow university procedure. 

Should a student experience a medical emergency while testing, the test will be stopped, appropriate medical services contacted, and the instructor will be notified.  The instructor will then determine the next steps in regards to continuing/retaking the assessment. 

Discrepancies Regarding Materials Allowed in Testing Area

Instructors with students testing with the Center for Accessibility Services are asked to fill out the instructor portion of the Testing Request to ensure that the CAS testing staff is aware of how to proctor the exam. Instructors are asked to list the items that a student can have with him/her/them in the testing environment, the length of the exam, etc. If a student states that there is a discrepancy in the conditions of the exam, (i.e. the student states that the instructor allows a calculator for the exam, but the instructor has not indicated this to CAS) the Testing Coordinator will try to contact the instructor before the student begins testing. Should the instructor be unreachable, the student may take the exam under the conditions he/she/they have stated. However, the student will need to fill out a Testing Materials Discrepancy Form, detailing out their understanding of what materials are allowed in the testing environment. Whether or not the exam grade is accepted, or if the exam can be retaken under the correct exam circumstances will be determined by the instructor.

Testing Accommodations and Online Courses/Exams

Testing accommodations may still apply if the format of a course is online or if an exam is given online via the Desire 2 Learn Learning Management System. If an exam or quiz has a time restriction, extended time accommodations may still apply. (i.e. all students in the course have X number of minutes or hours to complete the exam, a student with extended time would receive the original amount of time plus the time granted by accommodation). However, if an exam is scheduled to be taken as a take home exam and completed over several days, extended time accommodations would not apply—as there is not a set number of hours or minutes in which all students must complete the exam. In a take home exam setting where there is no set time limit, the student is responsible for managing their time.

The Center for Accessibility Services understands that not all environments are conducive for reduced-distraction testing. Regardless of whether a test is online or in-person, a student with reduced distraction as an accommodation may request to take his/her/their exam with the Center for Accessibility Services. 

Testing with Assistive Technology

Whether a student is using text-to-speech technology, dictation software, math software, or other Assistive Technology, Assistive Technology can create an equal, meaningful, and competitive testing experience for a student with a disability. Students with Assistive Technology accommodations for testing are welcome to complete their exam, using approved Assistive Technology, in the Center for Accessibility Services.

 Students testing with the Center for Accessibility Services should submit a Testing Request five business days prior to the date of the exam.

If a student is using Assistive Technology for an online exam in their home, or other location of their choosing, the student is encouraged to contact the Center for Accessibility Services for training on specific software two weeks (10 business days) prior to the requested date of the exam. Students taking exams that require the use of a lockdown browser (i.e. Tophat, Proctor U, Respondus) should contact the Center for Accessibility Services to determine if a specific lockdown browser will impede the function of a particular Assistive Technology device/software. Should there be a concern regarding the functionality of Assistive Technology and a lockdown browser, the Center for Accessibility Services will contact the course instructor to collaborate regarding alternatives.