Deaf and Hard of Hearing FAQs

I am a student and am deaf or hard of hearing. How do I get services? Who do I contact?

Students with hearing loss can request reasonable academic, testing, and housing accommodations by registering with the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS). Procedures for becoming a registered student with the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) are available on the CAS web page.

To make an appointment or for more information regarding services, contact the Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services located in Russell Hall, Third Floor, Suite 325, call 540-831-6350, call the VP at 540-922-1176, or email

What documentation do I need to provide to the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS)?

Documentation examples include audiograms, high school IEP’s or 504’s, and accommodation letters from a previous institution, among other documents. See the Documentation Guidelines for more information.

I am Deaf and use sign language to communicate. Can I request sign language interpreting services?

Yes. Radford University is proud to employ top-notch sign language interpreting services for students and visitors who use sign language to communicate.

What are sign language interpreters?

An American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter provides equal access to information. They also bridge the communication gap between hearing community and deaf community by conveying the purpose, thought, and spirit of the message in a consumers’ preferred mode of communication. The Professional Sign Language Interpreters maintain strict confidentiality and adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct as written by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

I need a sign language interpreter for a club meeting, advisor meeting, and/or on-campus event. How do I request one?

Interpreter Request forms can be found on the Important Forms and Documents tab on the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) website. Please pay close attention to the timeframes listed on each form. Forms are submitted to or by fax to 540-831-6525.

I do not use sign language but am hard of hearing. What services are available for me?

Individuals who have hearing loss may be eligible for:

  • Note taking services
  • Assisted listening devices
  • Closed captioned/English subtitled media
  • Extended time on assessments
  • Pulse pen
  • Recording Devices
  • Communication Access Real Time (CART) Services

*Accommodations are individual to the student, and all students may not be eligible for all accommodations listed

I am a student at a remote campus location. How can I request services?

Radford University works collaboratively with remote campus locations to provide the same academic and testing accommodations that you would receive on campus. You will need to register with the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS), provide documentation, participate in an interview, and submit a request for accommodations. Each semester, when you register for new classes, you will need to submit a new request for accommodations.

I need to use a video phone to make calls. Is one available on campus? Who can use it?

Yes. The Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) has a video phone available for use. We are located in the lower level of Tyler Hall, suite 054. The number is 540-922-1176. Please visit the CAS for more information.

I am a visitor to campus and need a sign language interpreter, assistive listening device, and/or closed captioned/English subtitled media. How can I request these services?

Please contact the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) at 540-831-6350 or VP 540-922-1176 in order to request services. Please provide at least 2 business days’ notice for Interpreting Services, Monday-Friday 8-5 and 5 business days’ notice for services for an evening or weekend event.

I will need a sign language interpreter for commencement. How can I request services?

See the disabilities services form located on the commencement website, as it becomes available (Winter and Spring). A separate form must be submitted for each individual requesting services. Radford University faculty and staff requesting services can contact to request services for commencement-related events.

I am struggling to get closed captioned/English subtitled media applied to the media in my course(s). Can the CAS help me?

Yes, If you are found eligible to receive closed captions as an accommodation and are not receiving that accommodation, contact We will work collaboratively with your instructors to ensure that your accommodations are applied.