Accessible Technology

What is it?

Accessible technology, also known as (AT) is any product, process or service that enables a person to compensate for or work around a disability related limitation. 

Some examples of accessible technology include the use of:

  • Reading software (you listen, computer reads)
  • Dictation (you talk, the computer types)
  • Notetaking software/apps
  • Time management software/apps


Why Use It?

Using AT enables students to acquire skills that assist with academics by enabling students to take effective notes, increase comprehension and therefore perform well on tests and quizzes. The use of AT carries on into students' professional careers. 

How to get it?

Students must register with the Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) and work with their accessibility coordinator to determine if they qualify for accessible technology accommodations. 

Read&Write Software

Hear web pages and documents read aloud to improve reading comprehension, with choice of natural voices, highlight text, and much more. 

Read&Write (R&W) is literacy software with tools designed for reading, writing, study, and research support. It has reader software that works with our library articles, websites, and alternate format textbooks. It is a software that allows the reader to listen to text while reading. 

Want to know more? Interested in a free license for your computer? Great! Contact your CAS accessibility coordinator. 

Read&Write is available on:

  • Android
  • iPad
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Speech to Text
  • Time Management Apps
  • Text to Speech

Read&Write Tools Include:

  • Text to speech
  • Highlighting main topics and subtopics
  • Extracting text to create notes
  • Creating audio notes
  • Tracking search history
  • Creating reference/bibliography lists
  • When online reading, extract your highlights to a seperate file and create study guides.
  • Listen to text on your computer to increase comprehension.
  • Make audio notes
  • Remove clutter on the page
  • Use dictation to brainstorm ideas
  • Translationof many different languages

The Read&Write toolbar is easy to navigate, personalize and use. Students can use the tools below to learn more or contact CAS for one-on-one training. 

Image of the Read&Write toolbar with short descriptions of each tool included. 

Read and Write Toolbar