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Welcome to Center for Accessibility!

Information regarding online learning and accessibility may be found in student/faculty tabs on the left hand side. 

Students Already Registered with Center for Accessibility Services:

The Center for Accessibility (CAS) helps students with diagnosed disabilities receive reasonable accommodations for both online and face to face academic needs. If you are already receiving accommodations from your professors those accommodations are still in place. 

Remember accommodations are not in place until you have met with your instructor(s) and together you have agreed to your Acess Plan.

If at any time you would like to review accommodations or would like us to attend faculty meetings with you, contact us at

Students who are not yet registered with the Center for Accessibility Services:

Please complete the online Public Accommodation Form found on our website. We will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss accommodations. Time does matter as accommodations are not retroactive. Please contact us with any questions at

Welcome to the Radford Family, new Highlanders!
Are you new to Radford University Carilion or to the Center of Accessibility Services? If yes, please follow the steps below to register with CAS to receive accommodations:

  1. Go to the ACCESS CAS Public Accommodation Request Page
  2. Complete the "Public Accommodation Request" form
  3. Upload your documentation
  4. After completing, click on the "submit" button
  5. Students will receive an email confirming submission (if no email is received, contact CAS at or 540-831-6350 or VP for students who are Deaf/HOH that use ASL 540-922-1176)

Access. Empowerment. Inclusion.

The Center for Accessibility Services (CAS) is committed to the ongoing goal of access and inclusion so that all individuals on campus can fully participate in the university experience.  CAS serves and supports students, family members and visitors seeking reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Attention RETURNING Students!

Do you have questions about ACCESS CAS, such as:

  1. How do I log into ACCESS CAS?
  2. How do I request accommodations each semester?
  3. What happens after I request accommodations?
  4. How do I sign my access plan?
  5. What if the student and instructor do not agree to the access plan and listed accommodations?
  6. What if I don't feel comfortable meeting with my instructor to discuss accommodations?
  7. Where can I find videos and more information on ACCESS CAS?

All of your answers to the above questions are listed on our Instructions for CAS Student Handout!

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Attention NEW Students!

Do you have questions about ACCESS CAS, such as:

  1. How do I register with CAS?
  2. What happens after I register?
  3. When are my accommodations in place?
  4. How do I sign my acces plan?
  5. What if the student and/or instructor does not agree to the accommodations?
  6. What if I do not feel comfortable meeting with my professor?
  7. Where is CAS located?

All of your answers to the above questions are listed on our CAS New Student Handout!


General ACCESS CAS information and how-to's for faculty, staff and students.