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Preface xiii


PART I: Myths, Theories, and Research

Chapter 1

Masculinity and Femininity: Myths and Stereotypes 00


Sex Stereotypes  2

Sex or Gender: More Than a Question of Terminology?  5

“Sugar and Spice” or “Snips and Snails”: The Content of Gender Stereotypes  6

Beyond Personality Traits: The Many Faces of Gender Stereotypes  12

Different and Unequal? The Evaluative Aspects of Gender Stereotypes  17

Gender and Other Stereotypes: Race/Ethnicity, Class, Age, Appearance,

     Sexual Orientation, Disability  26

The Process of Stereotyping  39

How Gender Stereotypes and Prejudice Affect Us  43

Gender Stereotypes and the Research Process  47

Summary  53

Key Terms  54


Chapter 2

Theoretical Perspectives on Sex and Gender  55


Early Theories About Sex and Gender  56

Psychoanalytic/Identification Theories  58

Social Structure/Cultural Theories of Gender  73

Evolutionary Theories of Gender  77

Biosocial Model  83

viii Contents


Social Learning Theory/Social Cognitive Theory  86

Cognitive Theories  89

Social Interaction Process Theories  94

Perspectives on Difference  101

Summary  102

Key Terms  103


Chapter 3

Researching Sex and Gender:

Exploring the Whys and Hows  105


Asking Questions About Gender: Science and the Search for Truth  106

What Differences and Similarities Exist: Methods for Comparing the Sexes  108

Why Gender Differences Exist: Nature, Nurture, and the Interactionist Position  123

Biases and Pitfalls: Problems Encountered in the Study of Sex and Gender  128

Science and Androcentrism  141

A Transformational Psychology of Gender?  154

Summary  146

Key Terms  147



PART II: Behavior & Experience:

Female—Male Similarities and Differences

Chapter 4

Worlds Apart?

Gender Differences in Social Behavior and Experience  148


Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Gender Differences in Context  150

Gender Differences in Social Behavior: A Sampling of Current Findings 151

What Happened to the Differences?  169

Summary  175

Key Terms  176

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