xi   Contents


Chapter 11

Family and Friends: Attachment, Intimacy, and Power  438


Close Relationships in Adulthood  439

Marriage: The Intimate Economic Partnership  458

Women and Men as Parents  469

Summary  475

Key Terms  476


Chapter 12

Economic and Political Life:

Power, Status, and Achievement  477


Where We Are Now: A Shortage of Women at the Top  478

Motivation: The Driving Force?  481

Defining Achievement and Power  485

Access to Resources  488

Resources, Strategies, and Political Power  499

Power in Organizations and Institutions  502

Maintaining the Status Quo: How Hierarchies Perpetuate Themselves  504

Summary  508

Key Terms  509


Chapter 13

Issues in the Workplace  510


Division of Labor by Sex  511

Sex Discrimination  522

Two Spheres in Contact: The Interaction of Family and Employment Issues  533

Work, Sexuality, and Power  541

Summary  548

Key Terms  550

xii   Contents


Chapter 14

Justice, Equity, and Social Change  551


Gender and Conceptions of Justice  552

Gender and the Law  565

Social Change: Justice for All?  576

Summary  582

Key Terms  584



The Ties That Bind:

The Future of Sex and Gender  585


Glossary  588

References  596

Index J–1

Credits C–1

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