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A New Psychology of Women
 Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity
Fourth Edition
Hilary M. Lips, Radford University
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Instructors' Manual and Features by Dr. Emily Keener with Dr. Hilary Lips
This manual provides a variety of tools to help with the teaching of the psychology of women course. Dr. Emily Keener (Psychology at SRU ) and I hope it will be helpful to you, whether you are a first time teacher of this course or a seasoned veteran.

Chapter features.
For each chapter, there is an outline and list of key terms and concepts introduced (also available in PowerPoint slide format). This is followed by suggestions for discussions, exercises and lecture material. These suggestions are accompanied by references, film listings and, in some cases, transparency masters and handouts. Following the chapter-specific information is a section containing information about a variety of general resources: a listing of memoirs and first-person accounts by women in many cultures, suggestions for using science fiction, a list of articles that provide concrete suggestions for handling some issues, some useful World Wide Web sites, journals and periodicals, and information about film distributors.

Web resources.
This fourth edition of A New Psychology of Women contains suggested Web resources at the end of each chapter; no attempt has been made to duplicate that listing here. Discussion questions are also provided in the text for each chapter, and many of these can be used to launch small-group or full-class conversations about the issues covered.

Test Questions.
Test questions, both multiple choice and essay format, are provided for each chapter. For people who do not wish to use multiple-choice tests, these questions can be useful in other ways: by providing a way of reviewing material in class or of provoking curiosity before beginning to teach a segment of material.

Multimedia Presentations-Slides for Chapters.
A set of multimedia slides in PowerPoint format is included on the CD. They provide a starting place, rather than a "pre-packaged" set of lectures, for those who wish to use such presentations. For each chapter, they include the chapter outline and key terms, the material provided on the transparency masters for that chapter, and, in for a majority of chapters, in class exercises and power point animated illustrations of core concepts.
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