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As a psychology major, you’ll gain a deep understanding of human behavior, develop critical thinking and analytical skills, and find opportunities for research and hands-on learning. Students work closely with talented and dedicated faculty in state-of-the-art facilities to prepare for graduate study and employment across a variety of fields.

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Why Study Psychology at Radford?

  • Students will gain an understanding of developmental, biological, social, cultural, cognitive, and learning approaches to psychology.
  • Students have the freedom to chart unique pathways through the major tailored to their own professional development goals
  • Students can engage in research and applied experiences with faculty. In these 1 on 1 experiences, all students and faculty get to know each other very well and provide valuable mentoring experiences.
  • Students have internship opportunities that help cultivate skillsets, contributing to successful career placements post-graduation.

Careers, Internships and Independent Studies

The Psychology major prepares students for graduate study in psychology and related fields and employment across a variety of sectors including health and human services, education, marketing, sales, management, human resources, and technology, as well as work in government and non-profit organizations.

We recommend internships for students who meet the requirements and are either: planning to go straight into the workforce after graduation or going to graduate school to pursue careers in I/O psychology, school psychology, occupational therapy, or areas of mental health (clinical psychology, counseling psychology, counselor education, community mental health, social work, or marriage and family therapy). Psychology faculty can help you find internship experiences close to home or close to the university that will accelerate your professional development. Learn more information about psychology internships.  

For students considering further graduate study, we recommend working with faculty on ongoing research. Independent Studies (PSYC 498) allow you to earn course credit while working directly with faculty. Developing your research and scholarship skills are crucial professional development experiences. Working with faculty strengthens core skills, provides opportunities to be a part of professional presentations and publications, and strengthen your letters of recommendation for graduate study as well as employment. Overall, independent studies make our graduates better candidates for advanced study.

What Other Opportunities are Available for Psychology Students at Radford?

  • Fall Psychology and Gender Symposium
  • Spring Student Engagement Forum
  • Psi Chi - International Psychology Honors Society
  • Psychology Club
  • College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Ambassadors
  • PSI (Peer Supported Instruction) Internship Program – Psychology students can serve as tutors for the introductory psychology courses
  • Psychology majors have often served as Resident Assistants for housing on campus
  • 50% of our students go on to graduate programs within 5 years of graduation

  • 100% of our students participate in a research experience before graduation

  • 80 students have been co-authors in published studies and research papers over the past 10 years

  • 335,000 annual job openings for psychology majors (approximately) in Virgina alone

Every year our students and faculty engage in numerous scientific research collaborations focusing on areas like social, cultural, and developmental psychology; cognitive and behavioral neuroscience; mental health and well-being; psychology in the workplace, and psychology in the schools. Conducting research with our faculty will provide you with valuable mentoring, and it can also lead to opportunities to travel and present your research (expenses often covered).

“As an undergrad my time was filled with great leadership responsibilities, fierce team spirit, and strong networking opportunities. Radford gave me the freedom to explore all of my interests, from working in a lab to conduct research, being a residential assistant, playing on an incredible sports team, and even provided the tools for me to apply and participate in a competitive summer internship.”

Saleena Lynch ’22

We want to get to know you better and we are excited that you are ready to take your next step and learn more about us. We are here to help you and look forward to working with you during your college search process.