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The Radford University Department of Music provides innovative, creative instruction and experiences in music for students from diverse backgrounds, enhanced by multicultural and global perspectives and the benefits of new technology, preparing professional, entrepreneurial, and scholarly musicians who function independently and in community with others.

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

These degree programs provides for the study of music while having some scholarly freedom while selecting classes. Our music faculty strongly recommends developing a path of study that will purposely and fully prepare you for an ever-changing and increasingly challenging market. It is recommended that B.A. or B.S. students choose elective courses in consultation with their academic advisors that could include emphases, such as:

  • Performance: Focus on developing a high level of artistic performing abilities in their chosen area–instrument or voice.
  • Composition: Focus on developing a unique creative voice through the acquisition of skills essential to music composition in all genres.

Bachelor of Music

 Students pursuing a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree select one of the following concentrations: Music Education, with a vocal/choral or instrumental track; Music Therapy; or Music Business.

Music Education Concentration
The Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Education prepares students for a career as a choral director, instrumental director, or general music teacher in public schools. In accordance with certification guidelines (PK-12) established by the Commonwealth, students may choose either a vocal/choral or an instrumental concentration.

Vocal/choral students pursue applied music study in voice, keyboard, or guitar. Instrumental students have applied study on a band/orchestra instrument or guitar. Both concentrations receive a solid foundation of pedagogical skills and professional knowledge, with many opportunities to observe and participate in public school settings, PK-12.

Music Therapy Concentration

The music therapy concentration is uniquely structured to provide not only an intensive study of music but also an in-depth understanding of the behavioral and natural sciences (such as psychology and biology). Music used as a therapeutic modality is frequently applied to a wide range of people with psychological, physical, emotional, social, or cognitive disabilities. The curriculum is structured to provide intensive coverage of these areas throughout the four-year program.

Music Business Concentration
The Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Business is designed to provide students with a professional degree in music that is focused on the commercial music, performing arts, and entertainment industries.

Why Study Music at Radford?      

  • We provide and promote music activities for the university and community
  • You will achieve credentials and career preparation for music-making, teaching, and clinical environments in music therapy
  • We offer a range of levels of study in our music department: B.A., B.S., B.M., M.A., and M.S. degrees.

Careers and Internships

A degree in music from Radford prepares you for careers in music performance and composition, roles in the music industry, work in therapy environments, and graduate study in music therapy, performance, and conducting.

Admissions Requirements

Students are trained as professional musicians to better understand the needs of future clients and employers. As such, students are required to audition and major in an instrument or voice and take regular music coursework that is supplemented with business classes, music industry-specific courses, practical field experiences, and an internship.

Opportunities for Music students at Radford

  • Ensemble and solo performances
  • Teaching opportunities in local schools
  • Working alongside professionals in music therapy sessions
  • National Association of School of Music

    all degree programs and certifications

  • American Music Therapy Association

  • Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

  • All-Steinway Piano Institution

"The professors in the music department are so friendly and welcoming. They care about their students which makes the environment in the music department so much more enjoyable and the availability of resources and assistance is definitely a key factor in my success at Radford University."

Michael Mangrum

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We want to get to know you better and we are excited that you are ready to take your next step and learn more about us. We are here to help you and look forward to working with you during your college search process.