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Allied Health Sciences

This major prepares students for graduate and professional schools in allied health professions (e.g. occupational therapy, physical therapy, athletic training) or entry-level, non-licensed positions. Students also get engaging, hands-on experiences that provide the practical skills necessary to be successful in graduate school.

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Why study Allied Health Sciences at Radford?

  • Customizable pathways for graduate programs
  • Student-led research opportunities in the Exercise Physiology and Movement Analysis Labs
  • State-of-the-art equipment (3D infrared cameras, tri-axial force plates, wireless EMGs, Parvo and Cosmed metabolic analyzers)
  • Tracks designed to help promote student preparation for graduate school
  • Pre-PT Shadowing Toucan Abroad in Mexico and Costa Rica

Careers and Internships

This major is a pre-program to provide a foundational springboard to highly competitive allied healthcare occupations.

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Opportunities for Allied Health Sciences students at Radford

  • Access to research opportunities that are often limited to graduate students at other schools
  • 90 hours of observation
  • Early Assurance Program with the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program
  • Clubs in OT and PT that both have strong relations to their respective graduate programs

Admissions Requirements

Students are required to apply for upper-division courses. Requirements to continue in the AHS major, include an overall 3.0 GPA; and overall 3.0 math/science GPA, and a grade of B or better in MATH 137 or 138, BIOL 105 and 310, PSYC 121, STAT 200, and HLTH 200.

If any of these courses are taken at another institution, students will need to provide a transcript to review grades in these courses. Students will sign a contract stating that they are aware of these requirements and the highly competitive nature of graduate acceptance.

Students interested in transferring to Radford University in Allied Health Science from a VCCS are strongly encouraged to complete an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Arts and Science including the following courses:

  • MATH 137 (MTH 158)
  • BIOL 105 (BIO 101)
  • PSYC 121 (PSY 200)
  • STAT 200 (MTH 157, 240 or 241)
  • HLTH 200 (HLT 116)
  • BIOL 310 & 311 (BIO 141 & 142)
  • CHEM 101 & 102 (CHM 111 & 112)
  • 110 students in the program on average

  • 6 learning tracks to customize to graduate schools

  • High acceptance rate into graduate schools

Students can build close relationships with faculty, become active leaders in their professional areas, and work directly with graduate students through club events. This major works very closely with our Honors College, and several students perform and present their capstone projects with Allied Health Sciences faculty mentors.

“The interdisciplinary interaction I experienced being an allied health science major has taught me that each person of a healthcare team is essential. I have also learned how to communicate in a professional manner with other health professionals to ensure the patient is getting the best care possible.”

Brandi Clemons ‘23

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